Discovering Primitivo di Manduria DOP. All the photos from the tasting event

Thirty of the leading producers of Primitivo di Manduria DOP were featured at Palazzo Brancaccio in Rome, showcasing their finest labels at the tasting event “Exploring Primitivo di Manduria DOP.” Here are all the photos

Where to find the best pasticciotti in Salento

A pastry shell filled to the brim with custard: how can you resist the legendary pasticciotto leccese? We have collected a series of insignia for enjoying this Salento specialty.

Agricole Vallone, a story of family and viticulture in Puglia

A historic winery which, over time, has become one of the reference points of Puglia viticulture. The name Vallone is now synonymous with quality and with a wine that has become a modern classic: Graticciaia.

Regional cuisine: Alphabetical guide to the products of Puglia

The ages-old Apulian cuisine is one respectful of the seasonal cycle, and divided among land-based dishes and coastal seafood ones. Today we explore the cookery art of Puglia.

Oli d’Italia 2022: special awards. Masseria Il Frantoio

The new ways of valorisation of Italian "green gold" pass through the tourist destinations that have decided to hold high the flag of extra virgin olive oil. A necessary path in fascinating contexts where olive trees continue to be protagonists...

Tre Foglie 2022. The best olive oils from Puglia

Puglia is responsible for driving Italy's recovery in production, with over 160,000 tons of oil produced. Here is a lsit of the best olive oils.

Tre Bicchieri 2022 Previews. The best wines of Puglia

All the best wines from Puglia according to the Vini d'Italia 2022 guide by Gambero Rosso.

Preview Tre Bicchieri 2021. The best wines of Puglia

We reveal a sneak preview of the wines awarded with the Tre Bicchieri recognition in our guide Vini d’Italia 2021. Today we focus on Puglia.

6 Primitivo di Manduria worth trying

In recent years the way of regarding Primitivo di Manduria has changed. Here is a list of 6 great wines worth trying.

Preview Tre Bicchieri 2020. The 16 best wines of Puglia

The previews of wines awarded by Vini d'Italia 2020 guide by Gambero Rosso continue. It’s now Puglia’s turn.
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