Piemonte told in 12 traditional biscotti plus a recipe for ‘baci di dama’ by the Gallizioli bakery

In the world of cookies and biscuits – a varied scenario of traditional recipes that often draw from historical events – today we land in Piemonte. Bonus recipe by maestro Walter Gallizioli.

Jul. 21 2021

Top Italian Wines Roadshow. Two Barolo, two visions of the world, one story that intertwines

Fontanafredda and Casa E. di Mirafiore, two 2016Barolo wines compared

Feb. 05 2021

In Piedmont, the “merenda sinoira” becomes an authoritative snack.

Nothing to do with the “apericena”: the Piedmontese merenda sinoira is an ancient peasant ritual that today returns in a version revisited by great chefs.

Dec. 10 2020

Preview Tre Bicchieri 2021. The best wines of Piedmont

We continue with the previews of the winners of the tasting batteries for Gambero Rosso guide Vini d’Italia 2021, today we focus on Piedmont.

Oct. 02 2020

Barolo. Family-run and sustainable: 9 wineries giving life to the Deditus brand

Deditus is a new association bringing together nine wineries that produce Barolo with grapes cultivated in respect of the environment. Here's the story.

May. 14 2020

Tre Bicchieri 2020 Preview. The 74 best wines of Piemonte

Previews of Gambero Rosso Vini d'Italia 2020 guide continue. Today it’s the turn of Piemonte.

Oct. 03 2019

Tre Bicchieri 2019 Previews. Piedmont’s best wines

This year 43 Nebbiolos (58%) earned our highest honors, a good number considering that 2014 was a tough year for Barolo. All the best wines from Piedmont, according to Vini d'Italia guide. 

Nov. 22 2018

Liedholm. From Great Soccer to Rosso Boemia

Even for those who aren't in love with the soccer world, the name Nils Liedholm (gold medal for Sweden during the 1948 Olympics in London, player with the Milan team until 1961, then the unforgettable manager of Roma) calls up ...Leggi altro

Mar. 31 2017

Dante Rivetti, Moscato d’Asti DOCG

A winning pair: Moscato and Neive. Rivetti family has made wine since 1973 and the owners' three children are a promising new generation of producers.

Feb. 24 2017

Save the truffle: salvaging tartufo with sustainable travel

Salvaging truffles thanks to sustainable travel: a project launched by Carlo Marenda and Edmondo Bonelli. With “Save The Truffle” the duo has decided to put truffles and their myriad qualities back at the heart of the Piedmont region’s tourist itineraries, ...Leggi altro

Nov. 15 2016
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