Liedholm. From Great Soccer to Rosso Boemia

Mar 31 2017, 07:30 | by Gambero Rosso

Even for those who aren't in love with the soccer world, the name Nils Liedholm (gold medal for Sweden during the 1948 Olympics in London, player with the Milan team until 1961, then the unforgettable manager of Roma) calls up the long season of a great champion. And then there's the winery that bears his name.


Villa Boemia is set among the hills of Monferrato, at the gates of Cuccaro in Piedmont. It is a beautiful 18th-century estate with vineyards, purchased by Nils in 1973. Over the years, the plantings were enriched, and to the original barbera and grignolino grapes, Liedholm added pinot nero and bianco, cabernet sauvignon and franc. He added a technologically avant-garde winemaking facility, as well. Although in those years, Nils had no time for wine, his son Carlo was fascinated. His mother was from a Piedmontese noble family and his Italian grandfather loved to explore vineyards and wineries. Carlo took over and family production grew, as did the vineyards and the wine produced - to today's 70,000 bottles.

Carlo Liedholm is an interesting man: the Swedish-Piedmont blend gave good results. After a short experience managing a soccer team, Carlo definitively chose the world of wine. He is also interested in every facet of contemporary art - abstract, photography, installations, performance - and music, whether classical or hard rock. To keep up his Swedish, he reads only in that language. Married, with two children, Liedholm has close relationships with his father's homeland, and exports much of his wine to Sweden.

Best bottles

Among his bottles, a place of honor belongs to Rosso and Bianco Boemia. The monovarietal Barbera d'Asti is another star, aged in stainless steel vats for 18 months. The Tonneau version, after the stainless steel, is transferred to 700-liter oak barrels for about two years. Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese is drawn off before fermentation is complete to avoid the passage of too many polyphenols to the wine. "Grignolino has its precise identity. It should be tasted within two years to give the best of itself, from its typical color to its special aroma of pepper". Carlo Liedholm lives in Cuccaro Monferrato, in the villa that holds the history of his family. "It's a privilege and a luxury for me", admits Carlo. "Keeping up with the children, their school and sports, is an effort. But living among these hills means being part of the miracle of nature every day".

Liedholm | loc. Villa Boemia 4/a | Cuccaro Monferrato (AL)| tel. 0131 771937 |

by Nino d'Antonio

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