Apricots: nutritional properties, benefits and recipes

One of the world's largest apricot producers, Italy boasts many varieties throughout the peninsula. Let's get to know the queen of jams better and discover a new way to use it, thanks to bartender Nicola Mancinone.

Jul. 26 2021

Where to eat in Scanno. A journey through the cuisine of the Abruzzo village

In the province of L'Aquila in Abruzzo, the Valle del Sagittario is a valley that has always attracted tourists from all over for its beautiful landscapes. Among the villages bordering the valley, Scanno, the city of photographers, is a must-see ...Leggi altro

Jul. 13 2021

The history of Goro’s Golden Oyster in the Po delta

The production of the very rare Golden Oyster (Ostrica d’Oro) is an excellence of Goro, a fishing port in the Po Delta Regional Park

Jul. 07 2021

Italy’s 24 most beloved cheeses, from north to south

Each Italian region, city and village boasts a vast array of typically local cheeses: each product represents the area’s deep cultural and farming heritage. Here is an alphabetized list of Italy’s most famous cheeses, examined travelling down from the Alps ...Leggi altro

Nov. 22 2017

Creative design and food. Where is Italy headed a year after the Expo?

A year ago Expo activated synergies between industrial design and the world of food and beverage. What’s left now of that energy?

Jul. 07 2016

Zuma opens in Rome within Palazzo Fendi. Rainer Becker’s izakaya cuisine with killer views

After months of anticipation, Italy finally salutes the arrival of the restaurant responsible for the Renaissance of contemporary Japanese cuisine. Hailing from London, Rainer Becker counts 11 restaurants in his fleet, spread across the globe from Miami to Dubai. Today ...Leggi altro

Apr. 04 2016
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