Apricots: nutritional properties, benefits and recipes

One of the world's largest apricot producers, Italy boasts many varieties throughout the peninsula. Let's get to know the queen of jams better and discover a new way to use it, thanks to bartender Nicola Mancinone.

Dried figs. History of an ancient product and its production

Ancient and delicious, dried figs are a must-have fruit for Christmas. Here are a few interesting facts about this typical festive product.

Gubana, the typical Friuli Venezia Giulia dessert

With a peculiar shape and delicious filling, here is the history of the traditional holiday treat from the very north-eastern corner of Italy.

Cuccìa, the dessert of Saint Lucia

Palermo or Syracuse? Regardless of its place of origin, cuccìa is undoubtedly prepared on 13 December to celebrate Saint Lucia.

All Souls’ Day in Italy. Desserts and typical products on 2 November

It may not be as folkloric as the American Halloween, but All Souls’ Day is very popular in Italy and, like all self-respecting celebrations, it is honoured with unique specialities.

History, origins and production of marrons glacés

Delectably vintage, marrons glacés were a hit at aristocratic banquets in the 18th century. But who invented them? Who makes them today? Here are some interesting facts about the product.

Foraging and wild herbs: herbal liqueurs

Nature knows how to be generous in every season: wild herbs are perfect for cooking but also to make liqueurs.

Piadina, the Romagna-style flatbread: everything about one of the most famous street foods

Tasty, practical, delicious: piadina is always the right answer. A quick meal to enjoy while walking or watching a good film, to buy at traditional street food stalls or to prepare at home: here's how to make it and where...

7 Italian summer recipes

Cold and tasty dishes from seasonal ingredients, easy to prepare. Here are the typical Italian recipes to try out in the summertime.

Sword ICE: ice made in Sicily

Pure water and state-of-the art technology. Here’s the story of Sword ICE, the factory that produces first-rate ice in Sicily.
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