Veganuary: why choose to eat less meat

Time for change, starting at the table. In contributing to the fight against climate change, it's mandatory to reduce our meat intake. An easy way to get started? Veganuary invites everyone to give up on animal products for a month.

Ireland: mandatory health warnings on the wine label

The news for the wine sector creates a very dangerous precedent, just at the moment when in the Old Continent there is a heated debate on health warnings on the label: here's what's happening in Ireland.

Non-fat cheeses: varieties, properties, nutritional values

Can you eat cheese without overdoing the fat intake? A few examples of non-fat cheese, how to choose it and why it's always good to prefer quality products, even when on a diet. As explained by Amaury Jimenez, a young...

Porridge: what it is and how oatmeal is made

Light and nutritious, porridge is the perfect way to start the day. But how was it born? Here's the whole story.

Waffles+Mochi, Michelle Obama's Netflix series dedicated to healthy nutrition

Eating healthy is essential in childhood and the former first lady knows it well: champion of well-being, Michelle Obama is now back on Netflix with a series dedicated to nutrition.

Deep Food Space Challenge. NASA seeks solutions to ensure safe and tasty food for astronauts

Nutritious, safe, palatable, with zero impact. And designed to accompany man into space, during missions that can last up to three years. To find innovative solutions, NASA promotes a competition open to US and international teams.

Week of Italian cuisine in the world. The advantages of the Mediterranean diet according to Luca Piretti

First of all grains, vegetables and legumes, followed by everything else. Some physical activity and rest are also needed: this is why it's important to reconsider the model of the Mediterranean diet.

Anti-aging gelato made with hydrolysed collagen

“Gelato that's good, healthy and anti-aging.” This is how the new sorbet created by the gelato maker Manuele Presenti, in collaboration with nutritionist Marrico Maurelli and Naticol company that produces collagen from the skin of the fish, presents itself.

#istayhealthy. Four dietary rules for managing quarantine stress levels

The emergency and quarantine situation due to Covid-19 puts a strain on our mental health, in fact all this uncertainty comes with an enormous load of stress. Four nutritional rules to follow, especially in this period.

Sucrez vos fraises. The Instagram account that counts sugar abuse in sugar cubes

Sucrez vos fraises is an Instagram account which shows how much sugar we eat every day. From snacks to drinks, here is the amount of sugar in our food.
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