What is shrinkflation and how France is fighting to reduce it

In France, an anti-inflation law is on the way, and meanwhile Carrefour is working to expose products subject to shrinkflation: less quantity and higher prices anger government and citizens.

Galette de rois: the dessert of kings typical of Epiphany in France

A recipe that brings with it fascinating customs and rituals, a must on French tables on January 6th. History, curiosities and anecdotes about galette de rois.

Street food from around the world. France: jambon beurre, crêpes, croissants

Vive la France, but above all its food! The flavours of French cuisine snacks are simple, classic and irresistible: here are its street foods not to be missed (some of which can also be made at home).

History, tradition and typical products of French boulangeries

Crisp and buttery, French croissants are the perfect way to start the day. But there is so much more to taste in the boulangeries: here's what to buy.

Easter in France. Gigot d’agneau, osterlammele, tourteau fromager

Lamb is the quintessential symbol of Christian Easter, a symbol of Christ's sacrifice. In France, the more traditional festive recipes, both in the sweet and savoury version, are strongly linked to this figure. Here are the three typical specialties of...

The French Bastards. The trendy boulangerie opens its third Parisian location

Bread, focaccia, lots of cakes and, of course, croissants: nothing is missing in the new location of the trendiest French boulangerie right now. Here’s The French Bastards’ history and interesting facts.

Boeuf bourguignon: history, origins and interesting facts about this iconic French dish

Rich, aromatic and braised in Burgundy wine, boeuf bourguignon is a dish of humble origins, born in the French countryside. Here's its history.

French Panettone championship: even France is going crazy for the great Christmas yeast-leavened cake.

Great French confectioners, pizza makers and pastry chefs are competing to determine which one makes the best Italian sweet.

Best baguette championship in Paris. The race between French bread bakers

It's been at the centre of the media's attention due to comments that appeared on the winner's Facebook page, but the championship for the best baguette in Paris deserves to be told. Here's how it works.

Paris also has its own beach. At La Beach Parisienne you can dine with your toes in the sand

There will soon be a cocktail bar and a barbecue corner. In the meantime, at La Beach Parisienne in the Bois de Vincennes park you can enjoy an aperitif on the beach.
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