Michel Chasseuil opens his Louvre of wine. Is it worth the 500 euro admission ticket?

For over fifty years, Michel Chasseuil has been collecting bottles of rare and precious wines, which make him one of the most famous collectors worldwide. He will soon open his International Museum of Rare Wines in Chapelle Baton. But the ...Leggi altro

Jan. 29 2021

L’Apres M in Marseille. How a former McDonald’s was transformed into a social fast food restaurant

After the branch located in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Marseille went out of business, former employees and residents of the neighbourhood devised a solidarity dining project, centered on the principle of food sovereignty. Of the old course only ...Leggi altro

Jan. 11 2021

Chef Andrea Berton opens a temporary restaurant in Monte Carlo

Andrea Berton returns to the Hôtel de Paris in Monte Carlo, while in Italy he is preparing to close his Milan restaurant once again. Can Covid and restaurant dining coexist?

Dec. 24 2020

Paysages Nourriciers: 50 vegetable gardens throughout the city of Nantes to counter the crisis

The project promoted by the French city aims to supply poor families with fresh, healthy and local vegetables for free. Fifty vegetable gardens sown throughout the city, 25 tons of product that these will supply between July and September.

Jun. 30 2020

France: the results of the debut of Vinexpo and Gambero Paris Week

Vinexpo and Gambero Paris Week in France are over. Here are the results from the first Tre Bicchieri events by Gambero Rosso.

Feb. 24 2020

World breakfasts. France: croissants, baguettes, madeleines, crêpes

As part of one of the most popular breakfasts around the world, the starring role is played by the croissant and coffee pairing, a tradition that became popular thanks to the French, but which has its roots in Austria. Today ...Leggi altro

Aug. 02 2019

The French sell 4.74 billion euros of Champagne: Italy buys more for the third consecutive year

Great times for Champagne. An increase of + 3,3% has signed 2015 year in Europe.

Jan. 09 2019

Fauchon’s first gourmet hotel in Paris. The historic French deli launches into hospitality

In Paris, Fauchon is among the most celebrated gastronomic boutiques. Now, the iconic French gastronomy makes its debut in the hotels world. 

Nov. 28 2018

Buying oysters from a 24h vending machine? It’s happening in Île de Ré, France

Oysters in France are a big deal. Loved around the world for their unique taste, oysters can now be purchased around the clock from a vending machine. This is the story of an oyster breeder in Île de Ré.

Aug. 11 2017

RIP Christian Millau, founder of gastronomic guides and Nouvelle Cuisine guru

The father of restaurant guides Gault Millau considered among the pioneers of nouvelle cuisine movement in the ’70s, Christian Millau – an “impertinent and independent” author – passes at age 88. His publisher gave the announcement.

Aug. 08 2017
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