Paris also has its own beach. At La Beach Parisienne you can dine with your toes in the sand

Jul 19 2021, 14:21 | by Gambero Rosso
There will soon be a cocktail bar and a barbecue corner. In the meantime, at La Beach Parisienne in the Bois de Vincennes park you can enjoy an aperitif on the beach.

La Beach Parisienne, the "beach" of Paris

It goes without saying that dining with your toes in the sand is the hottest trend of the summer. But it is rather curious when it happens in Paris, more precisely at the Chalet du Lac restaurant in the Bois de Vincennes park, city’s largest green area located in the eastern part just outside the French capital. It is right here that opened La Beach Parisienne, quickly one of the most popular summer locations: an open green space for relaxing on hot days, but above all to stop and have a good glass of wine with nibbles at the restaurant. A few weeks ago, the Chalet du Lac opened its own 1000 square metre private "beach" (3280 feet) with sunbeds, showers, a table football, live music and deckchairs.


Just like a real beach club, La Beach Parisienne offers Parisians and tourists the chance to sunbathe and to enjoy a good aperitif with their toes in the sand, or an artisanal ice cream for a snack. The idea of a cocktail bar and a barbecue corner is also in the pipeline: after all, what kind of summer would it be without grilling in the open air? In the meantime, you can enjoy the cuisine paired with drinks and local wines, either on the terrace or on the deckchairs on the beach.

What to eat at La Beach Parisienne

A simple and ever-changing menu: Jamaican-style spicy roast chicken with potatoes, lobster linguine, burgers, sandwiches and a range of international desserts to choose from, from Spanish churros to chocolate soufflé. There are also weekend brunch options with an extensive buffet to combine with hot coffee, cool drinks, extracted or freshly squeezed juices to get the day off to a good start under the beach umbrella.

La Beach Parisienne - Lo Chale du Lac, orée du bois de Vincennes

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