fast food

L'Apres M in Marseille. How a former McDonald's was transformed into a social fast food restaurant

After the branch located in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Marseille went out of business, former employees and residents of the neighbourhood devised a solidarity dining project, centered on the principle of food sovereignty. Of the old course only...

Fast food does more harm than it did 30 years ago: more salt and more calories

Despite the healthy-food trends of the latest years, fast food chains keep increasing the amount of salt and calories in their food. Here are the details.

Du's Donuts and Coffee in New York: Wylie Dufresne’s rebirth

After the closing down of Wd-50 in 2014, the guru of US molecular cuisine is back in Manhattan with a brand new project: donuts. 

Flippy, the new robot developed to help chefs in the kitchen

Robotics and AI are in constant evolution. Hailing from California is now Flippy, a brand new android capable of cooking and aiding chefs 

Food trends 2017: foods and dining mostly hail from the US

Identifying the New Year’s eating trends can be both a game and a serious profession. In the US, the National Restaurant Association has been creating an annotated yearly ranking for the past decade. Many of the trends spotted overseas eventually...

White Gold, April Bloomfield’s new butcher-restaurant in New York

In the coming weeks the popular British chef of the Spotted Pig will be opening a retail butcher shop–cum–restaurant in the Upper West Side. The certified meat sold there will also be part of the menu with hot dogs, roast...
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