Earth Day 2022 under the motto ‘Invest in Our Planet’

Time to invest in green economies and virtuous companies that want to make a change towards environmental sustainability. Earth Day calls on governments to take action, but every individual can also do their share.

Mandatory composting in Vermont, to protect the environment and the circular economy

Household or neighbourly, composting is now mandatory in Vermont, a state of rural communities seeking to live more sustainably.

Edible straws: the new plastic free cocktails

From Canù edible straws to the anti-straw bartender movement. Many are moving towards a plastic free future.

Nobel for ecology recognizes courageous farmers: awards in Guatemala and Slovenia

Two different stories with a common goal: reclaiming the right to be farmers. Two exhausting battles to defend the agricultural sector against multinationals and institutions. Rodrigo Tot and Uros Macerl are the winners of the Goldman Environmental Prize.

Swordfish at risk in the Mediterranean. EU approach divides fishermen and environmentalists

Thirty years of excessive expolitation have reduced swordfish population of 70%. Now, the fish is at risk and WWF launches the alarm. But the distribution shares proposed by the European Union trigger a fight between fishermen and ecologists.

From Bandiera Blu to Spiga Verde: the new environmental recognition for rural areas

After Bandiera Blu, the emblem that marks Italy’s most pristine beaches now comes Spiga Verde, the recognition of quality that singles out the towns that shine the most in environmental education and sustainability.

Edible cling film: latest news in environmental research

This could be the beginning of the food packaging revolution: 100% edible plastic film developed by American research teams and recently presented at American Chemical Society’s National Meeting press conference. 
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