eating habits

Traditional Ferragosto foods

Typical Ferragosto fare features fresh, raw vegetables and fruit to ward off the heat. Cold beverages, fruit salads, cold pasta are almost always on the menu. But tradition dictates the menu more than temperature. Here are a few examples. Please...

The 5 “emotional eater” profiles, which one are you?

[caption id="attachment_132425" align="alignnone" width=""]gruppo di amici a tavola[/caption] Behaviours change from person to person, especially so at the dinner table. The relationship with food is both personal – since we choose foods based on individual tastes and preferences – and...

Top 10 central Italy restaurants for the end of summer

Italians summers can last as long as mid-October, and sometimes even beyond that. Despite this climate extension, Italians are slowly getting ready to bid summer goodbye. This comes with back-to-school anxiety and office blues. The best way to fight this?...

Italian beach meals

As summer heat rises Italians rapidly pack up and get out of dodge. Days at the beach are intermingled with scoffing sometimes indecent amounts of food in habitual seaside lidos, rocky marine cliffs and beach resort towns.

Italian young people love pasta. 8 out of 10 eat it every day

The poll focuses on a segment of people aged between 15 and 35 years. The results reveal a net preference in regards to pasta, with lasagna in the front lines. 
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