Slow breakfast. History and recipes for waffles and pancakes

Taking the time for a good breakfast is a habit we need to rediscover as soon as possible. Among the best recipes, waffles and pancakes undoubtedly stand out: here's their story.

Where to find the best pasticciotti in Salento

A pastry shell filled to the brim with custard: how can you resist the legendary pasticciotto leccese? We have collected a series of insignia for enjoying this Salento specialty.

Here's how the wedding cake was born. History and origins of the celebratory dessert

Rice and (in Italy) sugared almonds are a must, as well as glasses of bubbles and digestives at the end of the meal. But the real protagonist of the nuptials table is the wedding cake: here's the whole story.

What is Italian panna cotta and how to make it

If you don’t feel like turning on the oven, don’t panic: Italian panna cotta is a delicious and easy dessert that will make anyone happy. Here is the recipe.

Filipino-American Cuisine: The Story of Abi Balingit, Blogger, Pastry Chef, and Author

It is the result of culinary "cross pollination", full of flavours and aromas to be discovered. A young pastry chef took care of making Filipino cuisine known in America, with her blog and now also a book of desserts that...

The long history of cassata, a symbol of Sicilian pastry art

In the beginning it was a simple sweet ricotta mixture, then over the centuries it was transformed to become the most famous baroque cake on the island. Let's retrace the history of the famous Sicilian cassata.

British food: 3 recipes to try this week

British cuisine is underrated. From traditional street food to desserts, here are 3 recipes to try at home.

Mardi Gras: history and typical products of the New Orleans Carnival

Rich Creole cuisine gives its best during the Carnival period: here's what to eat in New Orleans on Mardi Gras.

15 traditional desserts for the Italian Carnevale

Frappe and castagnole are a staple during the Italian Carnevale, but there are lots of other desserts widespread throughout the country. Here are 15 unmissable recipes to try.

Vegan baking: 3 dessert recipes to try this Veganuary

From breakfast pancakes tothe perfect shortcrust pastry, here are three recipes to make delicious vegan desserts at home.
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