Cascara, coffee husk infusion: what is it and how is it made

More or less sweet, with elegant floral and red fruit notes: introducing cascara, an infusion prepared starting from the dried husks of the coffee drupe, to be enjoyed hot or cold. All the details here.

Apr. 06 2021

All about the tradition of mixing coffee and ice in Italy and the rest of the world

In Lecce “caffè con ghiaccio” is a sacred ritual. The inventor is Antonio Quarta, but the beverage’s roots plunge deep in antiquity and far from the Italian peninsula. Vietnam to Australia, the history of the Puglia beverage.

Mar. 31 2021

Homemade coffee. 7 tips for a perfect moka (and napoletana)

The coffee prepared with a moka pot continues to be the favorite of many Italians, who also prefer it to espresso at the coffee bar. But to brew a proper beverage it's not enough to rely on tradition: we need ...Leggi altro

Mar. 26 2021

Italians at the coffee bar: regional variations and the traditions of espresso coffee

Corretto, lungo, ristretto, but also on ice, Fano-style, Padua-style... voilà the expressions of coffee in Italy.

Feb. 16 2021

Replacing coffee: 10 alternative beverages with and without caffeine

For many there is only espresso, but there are also folks who prefer beverages with a less intense flavour. Here are some ideas for replacing coffee at home or at the coffee bar.

Feb. 01 2021

Global Brooklyn, the book on the origins and success of contemporary style coffee shops

From Rio to Melbourne, by way of Cape Town and Mumbai: the new book by Fabio Parasecoli explains the development of the style of contemporary eateries, coffee shops.

Jan. 22 2021

Turkish-style coffee: what is it, and how is it made

Widespread in most Middle Eastern countries, in the Balkan Peninsula and in the Arab world, Turkish coffee is one of many traditional world coffee preparations. Here's how it's made.

Jan. 08 2021

The perfect winter warmer: Irish Coffee

Few things are so profoundly tied to the image of Ireland like an Irish coffee, a pint of Guinness and St. Patrick celebrations. Not everybody knows that this fabulous drink has a father, and that was born on a very ...Leggi altro

Dec. 11 2020

Coffee beverages for the summer: ideas for making them at home

From classic Lecce-style coffee to Vietnamese cà phê đá: ideal recipes for enjoying coffee even on the hottest days.

Jul. 14 2020

Kohi Tokyo 1982 in Milan: specialty coffee in the Porta Romana station

Inspired by Japanese cafes, Kohi is the latest coffee trend in Milan, born inside the Porta Romana station. Read the whole story.

Jul. 04 2020
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