Italian espresso: corto, ristretto, lungo and with a "mosca"

In Italy there are many other ways to enjoy espresso coffee, shared from North to South of the Peninsula. Here are the most common ones.

Irish Coffee: celebrating St Patrick's Day with a cocktail

Few things are so profoundly tied to the image of Ireland like an Irish coffee, a pint of Guinness and St. Patrick celebrations. Not everybody knows that this fabulous drink has a father, and that was born on a very...

Oleato: coffee with extra virgin olive oil arrives at Starbucks

There's a new line of coffee beverages with extra virgin olive oil. It was launched by the Seattle giant, which once again takes its cue from the Italian tradition, without being afraid to innovate it. Will it work?

Italians at the coffee bar: regional variations and the traditions of espresso coffee

Corretto, lungo, ristretto, but also on ice, Fano-style, Padua-style... voilà the expressions of coffee in Italy.

Journey to Scotland: pubs, specialty coffees and vegan food, amid nature and legends

Haggis and whiskey, neeps and tatties, mugs of beer and bowls of porridge, but also lots of vegan food, spicy flavours and influences from the world: a tour of Scotland is a pleasure for the eyes and the palate. Here...

Coffee: 10 false myths to dispel on the beverage most loved by Italians

In Italy, coffee is a cult. But how much do we really know about this product? We retraced some of the most discussed issues in recent years and, together with the Italian Specialty Coffee Association, discredited 10 false beliefs about...

Coffee beverages for the summer: ideas for making them at home

From classic Lecce-style coffee to Vietnamese cà phê đá: ideal recipes for enjoying coffee even on the hottest days.

FLUID, Specialty coffee & sharing: the Florence coffee shop that looks to the future

Colourful, pop decor, neon lettering, coffee that can be self-extracted independently and an elegant and evolving proposal. The first coffee bar opened by the historic Livorno-based roasting "Le Piantagioni del Caffè" wants to change the way we approach black gold.

Guide to essential coffee jargon

We have travelled throughout Italy looking for the best coffee roasters. Here’s a list of the coffee-related terms we’ve learned from the coffee masters.

Replacing coffee: 10 alternative beverages with and without caffeine

For many there is only espresso, but there are also folks who prefer beverages with a less intense flavour. Here are some ideas for replacing coffee at home or at the coffee bar.
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