Coffee beverages for the summer: ideas for making them at home

From classic Lecce-style coffee to Vietnamese cà phê đá: ideal recipes for enjoying coffee even on the hottest days.

Jul. 14 2020

Kohi Tokyo 1982 in Milan: specialty coffee in the Porta Romana station

Inspired by Japanese cafes, Kohi is the latest coffee trend in Milan, born inside the Porta Romana station. Read the whole story.

Jul. 04 2020

Surgical masks made with coffee filters. The idea of a German company

The efforts of the food world to fight the pandemic continue. The latest idea comes from a coffee filter company, which started manufacturing surgical masks using their filter.

May. 05 2020

Best breakfast places in Rome: the must-visit locations

Cornetto and cappuccino like the locals do, surely, but also cookies, sandwiches, pancakes, vegan brioches: the best breakfast in Rome is found in these places.

Jan. 31 2020

Italian espresso coffee candidate for UNESCO Heritage. What’s in the future of the cup?

Known and appreciated all over the world, Italian espresso is a candidate to become an Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Good news, but it's useful to read it critically

Dec. 10 2019

Bugan Coffee Lab, from Bergamo to Livigno:specialty coffee shop news

It would seem to be the highest micro roaster in Europe, surely the first in Livigno, an elite ski destination that for some time now also has a designer café, thanks to the work of Maurizio Valli and his team. ...Leggi altro

Nov. 29 2019

Kaffeeform, cups made with coffee grounds

Not only fertilizer for plants: coffee grounds now can also become the ideal base for making espresso and cappuccino cups. The Kaffeeform project.

Sep. 04 2019

World breakfasts. Portugal: pastel de Nata, torrada, galão, queijadas de Sintra

The Portuguese morning breakfast alternates sweet and savoury delicacies, from the famous pastel de nata to the lesser known (but equally delicious) torradas. Here are the most popular dishes for breakfast and a tasty recipe that can be recreated at ...Leggi altro

Aug. 09 2019

Specialty coffee in Florence: the best coffee bars in town

Filter and espresso coffee, enjoyed with cakes, club sandwiches, croque-monsieurs, cupcakes and vegan proposals: in Florence, quality coffee shops are increasingly in tune with international cuisine. But there are also places that offer traditional Tuscan dishes. Here are our favourites.

Jul. 10 2019

Turkish-style coffee: what is it, and how is it made

Widespread in most Middle Eastern countries, in the Balkan Peninsula and in the Arab world, Turkish coffee is one of many traditional world coffee preparations. Here's how it's made.

May. 23 2019
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