Boiling Point released in Italian cinemas: the "behind the scenes" film on a restaurant

Apt and exhaustive title. Between personal problems and constant efforts to keep the high standard of a luxury restaurant, this British film portrays the balance and moments of crisis of a kitchen staff.

The enchanted kitchen. Recipes inspired by Hayao Miyazaki's films

As an undisputed master who has bewitched audiences of all ages, Hayao Miyazaki has fascinated adults and children alike with the many dishes depicted in his films. A book explains the relationship between cinema and gastronomy in his works.

Pasta Garofalo and Marvel Studios. The contest dedicated to Thor: Love and Thunder

Are you sure you know everything about Marvel movies? Challenge yourself with this contest created by the Italian company Pasta Garofalo.

Food and film. Goodfellas, dinner in prison and Mama Scorsese's pasta sauce

A sauce that tastes like home, even if they are in prison, the secret of the goodfellas to keep going in prison. Here is Scorsese's sarcastic portrait of cuisine.

Food and film. Breakfast at Tiffany’s: the croissant and the unmistakable elegance of Audrey Hepburn

It portrayed the jewelry store on Fifth Avenue and consecrated the myth of Hepburn with her masterful interpretation of a unique Holly Golightly. The breakfast in the title, is in actual fact only seen once, in the croissant scene: here...

Food and film. In the Mood for Love, silent love, told through the table

How sublime is the nostalgia for an incomplete love? A black sesame soup, sometimes, is enough to express repressed feelings. And so, with one image of food after another, we consume - even if never physically - the story of...

Food-on-movie moments. Parasite, the seduction of Korean cuisine and the family drama

Three families, many stories to tell, a complex and fascinating plot. And lots and lots of food: here’s the role of food in Parasite, the 2019 movie of Korean director Bon Joon-ho.

Food and film. Sauce, cannoli and the timeless appeal of The Godfather

Leave the gun, take the cannoli. Thus ends Coppola's masterpiece, which also leaves ample room for food. Here are the most famous gastronomic references of The Godfather.

Food and film. Creole's Cream as appeared in The Persuaders!

Among theTV shows of the past, The Persuaders! marked an era, with two great actors with those scoundrel faces who wasted no time in wooing beautiful women and embarking on reckless adventures, but also drinking great wines and authorial cocktails....

Food and Cinema. The charlotte russe cake in Once Upon a Time in America and the magic of Ennio Morricone

Buying a 5-cent cake was madness for a young man from the Bronx in the 1920s. However, the instinct of the Patsy character gave us one of the most famous food scenes in cinema: anecdotes and curiosities about the charlotte...
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