Irish Coffee: celebrating St Patrick's Day with a cocktail

Few things are so profoundly tied to the image of Ireland like an Irish coffee, a pint of Guinness and St. Patrick celebrations. Not everybody knows that this fabulous drink has a father, and that was born on a very...

How Italians celebrate the Feast of the Befana

Sweet rolls, cookies and puff pastry camels: what is traditionally eaten on January 6 in Italy.

Epiphany in Italy. The Befana, stockings and typical sweets

Before the advent of her more famous "colleague" on a sleigh, the Befana was the one who exerted the charm of magic on Italian children. Here's the story.

Galette de rois: the dessert of kings typical of Epiphany in France

A recipe that brings with it fascinating customs and rituals, a must on French tables on January 6th. History, curiosities and anecdotes about galette de rois.

Torrone: how to make the Italian Christmas treat at home

Panettone and Pandoro dominate the Italian Christmas table. Torrone always plays a supporting role. But in actual fact the confection boasts ancient origins and offers an extraordinary array of variations: crumbly, soft, nut- and seed-studded with hazelnuts, almonds, pistachio, sesame...

Panettone and pandoro, the desserts of Italian Christmas

Panettone and Pandoro are the Italian Christmas classics. Here is the history of these two cakes.

Gubana, the typical Friuli Venezia Giulia dessert

With a peculiar shape and delicious filling, here is the history of the traditional holiday treat from the very north-eastern corner of Italy.

Christmas recipes. Christmas eve dinner ideas

Christmas eve is finally here. Here are a few ideas for tonight's dinner.

The Yule log. The sweet tradition of the Christmas tree trunk

The ritual is widespread mostly in Scandinavian countries and Northern Europe, while the dessert recipe has also landed in Piemonte: the Yule log is a roll of biscuit dough stuffed with jams, spreads, fresh cream and fruit.

Around the world in 10 traditional Christmas desserts

From Italy to the United States, via Australia and France: here are ten characteristic desserts to discover Christmas traditions around the world.
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