Torrone, how to make it at home for Christmas

Panettone and Pandoro dominate the Italian Christmas table. Torrone always plays a supporting role. But in actual fact the confection boasts ancient origins and offers an extraordinary array of variations: crumbly, soft, nut- and seed-studded with hazelnuts, almonds, pistachio, sesame ...Leggi altro

Dec. 05 2020

Christmas recipes. A brief history of the Eggnog

Eggnog is any drink, hot or cold, made with eggs, milk, sugar and spirits shaken together. Here's our recipe!

Dec. 04 2020

Christmas recipes: baccalà all’orvietana

Ever heard of baccalà all'orvietana? It's a typical dish from Umbria made with salt cod. Here's the recipe.

Dec. 03 2020

Risotto with chestnut, lardo and rosemary

Italian risotto is always a good idea: today we want to make a chestnut risotto, with lard and rosemary. Here is the recipe!

Dec. 02 2020

Vin brulé in the world: history, versions and recipe of the hot Christmas beverage

Red wine, sugar, aromatic spices: these are the basic ingredients for vin brulé (mulled wine), one of the most popular hot alcoholic beverages throughout Europe and beyond. A spicy wine with ancient origins, among the timeless classics of Christmas markets. ...Leggi altro

Dec. 01 2020

The best Christmas markets in Tuscany

In the little wooden houses at Christmas markets are many perfect gift ideas to put under the tree, but also exceptional gastronomic products. Here are the must-visit ones in Tuscany.

Dec. 17 2019

The best Christmas markets in Abruzzo

There’s more beyond Trentino and northern Italy: when it comes to Christmas markets, there are many places in the Apennines that boast fabulous locations, full of delicacies. Here are the most characteristic ones in Abruzzo

Dec. 17 2019

Zabaglione: history and curiosity

Part beverage, part dessert, in any case delicious: it's hard to say no to zabaglione, a sweet whipped egg-based cream that's perfect for the winter season. History and recipe of the hot pudding.

Dec. 12 2019

The idea of panettone spread hails from Ferrara, the historic chocolate factory Rizzati

What if panettone could be eaten with a spoon and its scent lasted all year? A chocolate artisan in Ferrara has created a spreadable cream with all the ingredients of the Christmas cake, which can be enjoyed out of season ...Leggi altro

Nov. 08 2019

Christmas in Milan: 6 markets for eating well in Milan during the holidays

Christmas is approaching, and the hankering for sweets is starting too. Christmas markets are the ideal place to taste delicacies from every where in an enchanted atmosphere: here are 6 appointments in Milan.

Dec. 19 2018
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