Epiphany: the typical products of the Feast of the Befana

Sweet rolls, cookies and puff pastry camels: what is traditionally eaten on January 6 in Italy.

Torrone, how to make it at home for Christmas

Panettone and Pandoro dominate the Italian Christmas table. Torrone always plays a supporting role. But in actual fact the confection boasts ancient origins and offers an extraordinary array of variations: crumbly, soft, nut- and seed-studded with hazelnuts, almonds, pistachio, sesame...

Candy cane: History and legend of red and white Christmas sticks

The J-shape of Jesus, the stripes that represent a coded language... what's really behind the famous American candy canes?

Zero waste Christmas. How Italians can recycle pandoro and panettone leftovers

Abundant lunches and sumptuous dinners set the pace of Italian Christmas. But a lot of food, inevitably, is left over: here is an anti-waste recipe.

The Italian Christmas fruit? The mandarin, of course

A palate cleanser, an excellent source of vitamin C and a versatile ingredient in the kitchen, mandarin can also be a tombola marker at Italian Christmastime.

Christmas candied orange peel

Candied orange peels are one of the typical Christmas delights: chocolate dipped or pure, they can be a delicious snack as well as added to cakes.

Tortellini in broth, the Boxing Day dish of Santo Stefano

In Italy on the feast of Santo Stefano (Boxing Day), the most popular dish is undoubtedly tortellini in broth. Here is the recipe.

Hot drinks to try: zabaglione, hot chocolate and vov

Whether you are looking for an after-dinner treat or a cake filling, here are three winter drinks that will warm you up on cold days.

Gubana, the typical Friuli Venezia Giulia dessert

With a peculiar shape and delicious filling, here is the history of the traditional holiday treat from the very north-eastern corner of Italy.

Epiphany in Italy. The Befana, stockings and typical sweets

Before the advent of her more famous "colleague" on a sleigh, the Befana was the one who exerted the charm of magic on Italian children. Here's the story.
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