Easter eggs: 7 curious traditions from around the world

In Poland they're painted and embellished with wax, in Argentina they are prepared in a maxi version: this is how Easter eggs are around the world.

Why do we give chocolates on Valentine's Day

Today it's also available at very low prices, so much so that it has become an obvious present. And to think that in the past gifting a little chocolate on Valentine's Day made a great impression... The reason for this?...

Rum-flavoured Cuneesi. History and interesting facts about the Piedmontese chocolates

It all began with Andrea Arione, who created the product and started the company, now run by the fourth generation. The story of these rum-flavoured chocolates and the link to the city of Cuneo is a very sweet one, and...

Torrone: plain or chocolate?

According to some torrone was born in ancient Rome, others say it came from China through the Arabs: in any case, today it is one of the most popular Italian Christmas dessert.

All the Italian chocolate pralines you need to try at least once

Perfect as a Christmas gift, chocolate pralines are one of the best treats of all time: here are the traditional ones from Italy.

Boeri, the chocolate-covered cherries

Boeri, apparently invented at the beginning of the 20th century by the Geneva confectioner Emil Gerbeaud, are dark chocolate pralines with a filling of cherry liqueur. Here is the story.

Even the tsars loved chocolate: the oldest praline in the world was discovered at the Hermitage

The more than one-hundred-year-old chocolate found at the Hermitage Department of the History of Russian Culture will become part of the collection of relics of the Russian tsars.

One hundred years of Baci Perugina. The limited edition and the company's initiatives

The silver and blue packaging changes on the occasion of the centenary, thanks to fashion house Dolce & Gabbana. Celebrating the most famous chocolate praline ever.

Breakfast of champions in the Dolomites according to Cristian Beduschi

Cristian Beduschi starts his new pastry adventure with the arrival of December, with the blessing of the Christmas holidays. Here's the story

The company producing Mozart Balls has filed for bankruptcy. But the pralines will still exist

Lovers of chocolates dedicated to the Austrian musician fear not: there are many confectioners engaged in the production of the legendary "balls." What's at risk is the Mirabell producer, which has filed for bankruptcy.
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