Dark chocolate: characteristics, benefits and culinary use

Nourishing, precious and healthy: dark chocolate has always been shrouded in sacredness. Choosing the right kind, however, is not so obvious, given the numerous "false myths" about it. We talked about chocolate with a great expert who shared strategies for ...Leggi altro

Mar. 10 2021

Why do we give chocolates on Valentine’s Day

Today it's also available at very low prices, so much so that it has become an obvious present. And to think that in the past gifting a little chocolate on Valentine's Day made a great impression... The reason for this? ...Leggi altro

Feb. 10 2021

Where to eat in Zurich. Dada & Food, creative chefs

Art, culture, culinary tradition: the economic heart of Switzerland is one of Europe’s most avant-garde cities, and that includes their fine dining locales. In September, with the second edition of Food Zürich, the Swiss capital will show off its tastier ...Leggi altro

Jul. 15 2017

First Italian Chocolate Academy Centre by Barry Callebaut opens in Milan. Davide Comaschi to direct

A group specialized in cacao transformation and chocolate production has developed over time an avant-garde teaching format, now with 19 branches worldwide. The twentieth will open in Milan, the first in Italy. Founder Callebaut intends investing and offering new job ...Leggi altro

Jun. 26 2017

Recipes from great chefs. Davide Palluda’s chocolate tart with black truffle and olive oil

Davide Palluda offers a model of cucina that is creative and territorial, intelligent and knowledgeable. He recounts his land (Roero, Piedmont) through his dishes, using all the great local products. Here's one of his recipes for a tasty chocolate dessert, ...Leggi altro

Feb. 26 2017
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