Castello Vicchiomaggio. Family history in the heart of Chianti

From the 1970s onwards, the Chianti area has been growing in terms of quality, research and sustainability. Here’s the history of Castello Vicchiomaggio.

Rufina: the most vertical Sangiovese in the Tuscan Chianti Universe

Chianti is a composite mosaic, made of areas and subzones and of different disciplinary areas for quality and specificity. The denomination Rufina is one of the parts of this land puzzle historically suited to the wine that in Sangiovese find...

Chianti on Tour: Warsaw and Hamburg with Gambero Rosso

If Chianti is the name of the most famous Italian wine in the world, how many can say they're familiar with its territory and sub-areas? A few, for sure. This is why Consorzio del Chianti and Gambero Rosso have joined...

Recipes from great chefs. Four dishes by Fabrizio Borraccino

Love for Tuscany, for the Chianti zone, and above all for the community vegetable garden of Borgo San Felice: these are the building blocks of Fabrizio Borraccino’s cucina. Here are four of his best recipes.

Cesare Cecchi. «By ‘67, the world was coming to Verona»

In 1893, Luigi Cecchi founder of the winery and a professional wine taster, saw the potential in the Chianti Classico zone and in particular, the Castellare di Castellina area. The whole story of the producer. 

Villa Vignamaggio: history and biodiversity in Tuscany

“Buying Vignamaggio was a symbolic return home, a homage to the fascination I feel for this land Wine, culture and history are woven together, and they create a landscape that is in perfect harmony with nature”. The tale of Patrice...

Great Vertical Tastings. Riserva di Coltibuono: a classic for the decades

Even a super-well-known territory can provide fresh emotions. This vertical tasting of Badia a Coltibuono was extraordinary and moving. It demonstrates that there are terroirs that prevail over all else.
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