Ana Ros opens Hisa Franko’s pantry for delivery. Wines, cheeses and products of Slovenia in all of Europe

Rose chutney, dulce de leche with mountain milk and homemade kimchi are the most curious products of a pantry of delights that also stocks cheeses aged by Valter Kramer in the cellar of Hisa Franko. While waiting for the lockdown ...Leggi altro

Nov. 20 2020

Dan Barber changes everything: in 2021 he’s leaving the kitchen, Blue Hill will be a residence for chefs in dire straits

Four chefs, one per season, will be at the reins of one of the most famous kitchens in the United States: Blue Hill at Stone Barns, founded by Dan Barber in the Hudson Valley countryside. The goal is promoting gender ...Leggi altro

Sep. 14 2020

Food for Soul opens a Refettorio in Lima. Massimo Bottura’s project arrives in Peru

The debut is in September, as an evolution of the Casa de Todos project, born in Lima as a refuge for the homeless during the pandemic. It will involve professional chefs and artists, as is customary for the refectories opened ...Leggi altro

Sep. 09 2020

Childfood: authorial recipes for children in a book that promotes inclusion

Conceived and written by Luca Scarcella, Childfood is a recipe book that also tells many stories about the origin of food. And it involves 23 great chefs from all over the world. Available on Kickstarter, buying the book is also ...Leggi altro

Jul. 09 2020

Dining after the Coronavirus: Davide Oldani speaks. The restaurant of the future is Pop

Dining after Coronavirus will be different for sure. How will the restaurants look like once the pandemic is over? Here's the answer by an Italian chef.

Apr. 30 2020

Top Italian Restaurants 2020: the best Italian food abroad

An online guide that puts together the best Italian food spots in the world: here is the new edition of Gambero Rosso’s Top Italian Restaurants.

Apr. 20 2020

Coronavirus. Bars and restaurants are closed: appeals from the great chefs

Following the Italian model, there are many countries that are armoured to avoid contagion. The first businesses that stop are bars and restaurants. What the chefs are saying about it.

Apr. 15 2020

Pino Cuttaia. The cuisine of memory

Pino Cuttaia is one of the top chefs in Italy. He uses recipes of his childhood, which allow him to cook and reinvent, remembering past moments. Here's the story.

Nov. 08 2019

World Chefs Tour: the great chefs of the world like rockstars. Nine months of event dinners, Italy runs with Bottura

Starting with Madrid, the first edition of a kermesse dedicated to gourmands throughout the world willing to spend high amounts to discover the cuisine of the most celebrated international chefs. Nine chefs for nine months in pop-up restaurants of the ...Leggi altro

Oct. 18 2019

Noma in Copenaghen. The menu Vegetable Season, dish by dish

We visited the new Noma (which has now celebrated a year) as soon as it opened, also trying to trace a sort of alphabet of Nordic cuisine. We're now presenting the current menu, Vegetable Season, dish by dish.

Oct. 10 2019
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