Mozzarella di bufala: the best on the market

We tasted mozzarella di bufala produced by approximately twenty companies. Here is the list of those who passed the blind panel test with flying colours.

Zizzona di Battipaglia: everything you need to know about the mozzarella variant of bufala

White with pearly reflections, very juicy, overwhelming: Zizzona di Battipaglia has no equal. Here's everything you need to know.

Three simple and delicious recipes for cheese lovers

Everybody loves cheese: from soft soufflés to crunchy croquettes, here are a few recipes to try at home.

Non-fat cheeses: varieties, properties, nutritional values

Can you eat cheese without overdoing the fat intake? A few examples of non-fat cheese, how to choose it and why it's always good to prefer quality products, even when on a diet. As explained by Amaury Jimenez, a young...

Cheese and wine: the best pairings according to the sommelier

Full-bodied reds, noble moulds, orange. In search of the best pairings with cheese, with the advice of a great expert like Maurizio Paparello

World Cheese Awards 2021. The best cheese in the world is Spanish

The last edition was in Bergamo in 2019, but now it is high time for a new start for the dairy sector as well. The winner of the Cheese Olympics is the Spanish Olavidia from Quesos y Besos.

Abruzzo. The cheeses of Nunzio Marcelli of La Porta dei Parchi farm

This is the story of Nunzio Marcelli, Abruzzese shepherd who for forty years, with stubbornness conducts his farm, La Porta dei Parchi in Anversa degli Abruzzi, together with his ex-wife and children .

Coming home. The story of Alla Casa Vecchia in Pacentro (and their cheeses)

Fresh, aged, blue-veined: the goat cheeses from this farm in Pacentro, in the province of L'Aquila, are all good and handcrafted by a local family. A young mountain enthusiast tells the story.

Farmstead cheeses: small producers in Lazio. Caterina Maceroni and Maria Pia

A new column on the theme of artisanal and agricultural products, what had originally decreed the success of the television show "AB...Cheese." In it, Eleonora Baldwin presents new small farmstead cheese producers. Let's start with two women in the Ciociaria...

Italian Cheese Awards 2019: the winners

With the goal of highlighting the top tier Italy’s dairy production, a jury of cheese experts and professionals decreed the winners of the 2019 edition of the Italian Cheese Awards, held on October 27 at the VeronaFiere Convention Centre. Now...
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