Zizzona di Battipaglia: everything you need to know about the mozzarella variant of bufala

Oct 21 2022, 08:28 | by Gambero Rosso
White with pearly reflections, very juicy, overwhelming: Zizzona di Battipaglia has no equal. Here's everything you need to know.

What is Zizzona di Battipaglia?

Conceived in a dairy in the province of Salerno, Zizzona di Battipaglia has its roots in the ancient dairy tradition of Campania, a land rich in gastronomic excellence and known for the quality of milk. With a rich and enveloping flavour, this variant of mozzarella di bufala is a real delight for the palate. Produced with 100% water buffalo milk, the Zizzona di Battipaglia certainly does not go unnoticed, not only for its taste but also for the record sizes that can reach 15 kg, a symbol of abundance and prosperity whose rounded shape refers to the female breast. Moreover, thanks to its size, can be perfectly enjoyed in larger groups. In short, we are talking about a soft stretched curd cheese which, thanks to the use of water buffalo milk, contains a greater concentration of fats, which give it unbelievable flavour and texture.

Zizzona di Battipaglia: how is it made?

How is this irresistible oversize mozzarella made? The first step is to produce the curd, a compound obtained by adding natural enzymes (from a previous day's production) to the very fresh milk (which needs to be heated to about 34°C). This has to be strictly Mediterranean water buffalo milk. The curd is then broken into grains and left to mature in the whey for about five hours. After this necessary time, the curd is cut into "strips" and doused with water at 95°C. Finally, the cheese maker carries out a manual process to obtain the desired size and shape. The finishing requires that the pieces obtained from the processing are initially transferred in cold water and then salted in brine for variable amounts of time. A thin layer of elastic "skin" concentrating a true treasure inside: voilà the Zizzona!

Where to buy Zizzona di Battipaglia online

You may wonder where to buy the Zizzona di Battipaglia if not in the southern regions. Here are the two best dairies in the Salerno area that ship online throughout Italy (including the islands) and some purchasing advice.

Caseificio La Fattoria

Caseificio La Fattoria was the first to register the brand and is the official e-commerce of "La Zizzona di Battipaglia," delivered directly to your doorstep in 24/48 hours from production: to enjoy it at its best, it is recommended to consume it at least one day after being made. In the online store you can also buy other delicacies including cured meats, lactose-free cheeses and find special offers. There are also many collection points throughout Italy.

Caseificio La Fattoria – Battipaglia (SA) – via Lettonia, 4 – 0828672209 - www.zizzonadibattipaglia.it


At CasaBufala you can find Zizzona di Battipaglia and other local excellences: a wide range of cheeses, mozzarella di bufala produced by the best dairies in the Piana del Sele; liqueurs; DOP extra virgin olive oil; artisan cured meats and much more. Purchasing on the portal is very simple and the product is delivered quickly and in full compliance with safety and shipping regulations.

CasaBufala – Battipaglia (SA) – S.S. 18 – 3338853944 - www.casabufala.it

by Cecilia Blengino

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