In Milan, there’s a drink list dedicated to Giorgio Armani. Cocktails designed like a fashion collection at Bamboo Bar

On the seventh floor of the Armani hotel, in the Milan fashion district, Bamboo Bar shares the scene with the maison's restaurant, led by Francesco Mascheroni. Behind the bar counter is Andrea Rella, who now offers a "collection" of cocktails ...Leggi altro

Sep. 10 2019

In Florence, Caffè Lietta inherits the history of legendary Giacosa

A little over a month ago, under the open gallery of piazza della Libertà, opened Caffè Lietta, which sees the historic Caffè Giacosa team at work, closed since 2017. The space is beautiful, the offer is high quality. The city's ...Leggi altro

Mar. 20 2019

New in Rome, Fax Factory: specialty bar and cultural hub

It's called Fax Factory Art&Specialtycoffee, and it's located in the Pigneto neighbourhood. A new cultural hub where quality art and coffee coexist harmoniously. The latest Roman coffee project.

Dec. 19 2018

Coffee Collective, the roaster that’s taking Copenhagen by storm

To brew a fine cup of coffee one needs to study, dedication and research. In order to promote the black gold coffee culture, and instil awareness in consumers, one needs entrepreneurial mentality and a pinch of courage. Like Coffee Collective ...Leggi altro

Sep. 29 2017

Bar Moccia at the airport, history and rebirth of a Neapolitan institution

Founded in 1936 in Chiaia by Giuseppina Moccia, the bakery on via San Pasquale has recently gone through turmoil, which culminated with the collateral assignment of the brand to Fratelli La Bufala last year. Now the Bar Moccia, known for ...Leggi altro

Jul. 13 2017

The latest McDonald’s ad makes fun of the specialty coffee trend, doing it a favour

Irreverent and entertaining, the McDonald's ad aims to publicise the coffee corner of the fast food franchise, the McCafè. It does so making fun of the new trend of specialty coffee bars, highly select roasts and extracted by attentive baristas. ...Leggi altro

Mar. 07 2017

Università del Caffè illy: history and evolution of the Trieste school of coffee

Born in '99 in Naples and then relocated to Trieste, the university is still housed in the company’s HQ. Since then, over 25 branches have opened worldwide, each focussing on spreading quality coffee culture. This is the story of Università ...Leggi altro

Jan. 20 2017

Orsonero Coffee, third wave coffee in Milan

The budding Italian coffee scene is expanding, despite there being a long way to go still. Canadian Brent Jopson takes a wild gamble and opens a specialty coffee joint with modern extraction methods in Milan. 

Dec. 26 2016

How to make proper coffee bar espresso in 7 key steps

How many times have we walked up to the coffee bar counter and ordered un caffè? And how many of these times have we closely paid attention to all the moves performed by the barista? What follows is a mini ...Leggi altro

Nov. 17 2016

La Via del Gelato in Pontassieve: artisan coffee and gelato in Tuscany

It’s a gelateria and a coffee bar, and a young management whose focus is quality of both coffee and gelato. Thanks to its various extraction methods, unusual gelato flavors and prime quality ingredients, La Via del Gelato is winning the ...Leggi altro

Sep. 05 2016
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