Lula Farms, the world’s largest rooftop greenhouse is in Montreal

The Lula Farms farm boasts 4 urban greenhouses in Montreal, but only the latest one inaugurated is the largest rooftop greenhouse in the world. The whole story.

Sep. 08 2020

Kit for home gardening: the project by OrMe in Turin that helps families in need

Tomatoes, lettuce, basil, expanded clay and potting soil: this is what the OrMe kit contains, this is how it works to create a small vegetable garden on your balcony.

Aug. 26 2020

Orti Geometrici. In Pescara two Abruzzesi grow local produce to make fermented foods

In Pescara an ex musician and a textile worker started the Orti Geometrici project eight years ago. Today, with their harvest, they produce lacto-fermented products, kombucha and vinegars.

Jul. 16 2020

From Farm to Fork. Pros and cons of the new European farming strategy

What are the advantages and critical points of the new European From Farm to Fork strategy. Sustainability is great, but imports from third party countries need regulations and flexibility.

Jun. 05 2020

Cosmic Crisp, the new American apple variety that keeps for a year

As a snack, for breakfast, after meals or used in desserts: apples are among the most loved fruits ever. In Washington scientists have created a new variety, capable of lasting over a year in the refrigerator.

Dec. 03 2019

The movement of young Italian farmers who grow bio-intensive crops

Good news. Italy is the number one in Europe for the number of young people employed in agriculture. And an authentic movement of competent and innovative young farmers is emerging, people who cultivate in bio-intensive regimen.

Oct. 03 2019

Agriculture stalled in the first quarter: good wine exports but falling prices

Wine rose again compared to 2018, selling out with 4.9 million hectoliters, but there's a general decline in prices. All the details about the first part of the year for the agricultural sector.

Jul. 17 2019

A large urban farm at the Paris Expo

Port de Versailles, Paris. This is where, in the spring of 2020, what will be the largest urban agricultural company in the world will be born. A space of 14,000 square meters inside the Parc Des Expositions, the center dedicated ...Leggi altro

Mar. 27 2019

Climate change drives English and Welsh viticulture. New areas for cultivation identified

The last English and Welsh harvest, characterized by above-average temperatures, has achieved one of its historical records. Here is how climate change is modifying the vineyards.

Dec. 11 2018

Oli d’Italia 2018 guide, the best Italian olive farms

Like every year, spring brings with it the publication of the Gambero Rosso guide Oli d'Italia, a manual dedicated to the best extra-virgin olive oils of the Peninsula. Here are the special prizes awarded since the last edition.

Apr. 24 2018
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