The best of Lazio, agricultural region. Comparing Great Wines and Great Cured Meats

In collaboration with Lazio Innova (a company under the Lazio Region body), the masterclass "The best of Lazio: Comparing Great Wines and Great Cured Meats" was dedicated to the national and international sector.

Wild herbs in the kitchen. Foraging, from the forests to the table

Earthly paradise for contemporary chefs, the forest is a world for foraging fanatics to (re)discover slowly, taking the time to observe and touch every herb that nature has to offer. Thus managing to recognize and use them at their best...

Solenti Clivi. The farm outside Rome that raises chickens and produces special eggs

In the Tiber Valley, a naval engineer has set up a unique farm, showing that an innovative and technological approach to farming is possible. Starting with eggs.

The San Patrignano food community grows with Squisito Food Lab

Squisito Food Lab is the new agri-food hub of the San Patrignano rehab centre, which brings together a dairy, a bakery and a butcher. Here are the details.

Made in Italy export: in 2021 the agriculture-food sector is about to break another record

The first quarter of 2021 saw an increase in exports close to 20%, giving Italy precedence over the performance of other G7 countries. Here are the details of the agricultural food export.

Recipes with wild herbs

Chocolate pralines and soups can be also made with wild herbs. Here are two tasty recipes to try this Autumn.

Foul weather. The frosts of April put a first glitch in 2021 production

Frost in early April came after a drought, putting many farms in trouble. Now the associations are asking the government to provide adequate support. Here's the territory-by-territory situation.

Mobile chicken coop in Trentino. Here’s how it works

A chicken coop on wheels that moves as the hens run out of fresh grass to peck: the winning idea of a young entrepreneur from the Trentino Anselmi farm

Young people are looking for the countryside. Boom of agricultural enterprises under 35

Young people seem to be very attracted by the countryside: here are the details.

Urban orchards and biodiversity in Ostuni, from the Middle Ages to the present

A legacy of medieval gardens that are now back to life and produce: here's the story of The Gardens of the Grata in Ostuni.
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