Marco Sabellico

Italian Wine 2016. Even more Italian-style

We’re closer to the end of the year, with the grape harvest almost completely archived and excellent results seen all over the peninsula. This 2016 about to end was another positive year for Italy’s wine sector.

Great Vertical Tastings. Paternoster: Power and Elegance in a Southern Red

A spumante exported around the world and an important, powerful, elegant and concentrated red: an expression of the South, bot h are Aglianico, and both are from Paternoster, a family of entrepreneurs who personify a typical Italian story.

Italy’s emerging sparkling wines

The obsessing about comparisons to Champagne is finally over, and Italian metodo classico labels are enjoying a new era, one of transition. Stimulated by a generational shift, a reshaping of the identity of Italian territories is underway, particularly those best...
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