Italian Wine 2016. Even more Italian-style

Dec 9 2016, 08:00 | by Marco Sabellico

We’re closer to the end of the year, with the grape harvest almost completely archived and excellent results seen all over the peninsula. This 2016 about to end was another positive year for Italy’s wine sector.

Prosecco and other sparkling wines

On a complex and often dramatic international stage, wine-driven Italy continues to grow, and it does so with penetration strategies that are giving impressive results. The conquests made by two denominations in the sparkling sector are particularly satisfying. Prosecco, with its half-billion euros of exports, along with Pinot Grigio, opened the door for made-in-Italy wines. Winning over consumers around the world, these two varietals lead the way to more challenging labels. And following the Prosecco DOC example, now Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC will be operative next year. Having regulations and oversight for these major inter-regional denominations is a fundamental factor in guaranteeing quality and reliability to consumers around the world. A new national law, called Testo Unico, which simplifies and standardizes the rules for the Italian wine sector, is coming soon.

Italian wine market abroud

The news from the Russian and Chinese markets is encouraging. Italian wine exports to these countries are rising again after a period of stagnation. The stability of the key Italian markets – Germany, United States and Great Britain (we’ll see if Brexit will have a negative effect) – means we can look towards the end of the year and to 2017 with tempered optimism. We are the country of diversity and novelty, according to foreign wine writers we interviewed recently. We also want to become the country of reliable quality, of certified sustainability. Buying Italian should always mean buying a life style made of beautiful zones, of the Mediterranean, of millennia of art and culture. There’s certainly more to do, but we are surely on the right road if we hold on to this orientation, if we know how to harmoniously showcase the different qualities of each region and territory. In the light of our thirty years of experience, we can say that the most important achievements of the nation’s wine world have been those widely agreed on, when the entire sector worked together for a common good.

by Marco Sabellico

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