Marco Sabellico

Alexander cocktail: a Classic, one name many recipes…

Alexander cocktail is a classic white drink (even John Lennon was a huge fan...). Here's our recipe!

Dec. 18 2020

Christmas recipes. A brief history of the Eggnog

Eggnog is any drink, hot or cold, made with eggs, milk, sugar and spirits shaken together. Here's our recipe!

Dec. 04 2020

Italy seen from the USA. Gambero Rosso travel diary

While Covid-19 continued to advance in Italy, GamberoRosso Roadshow went on in the States, receiving a warm welcome and manyencouraging messages for Italy: “Don't give up. We look forward to seeing youstronger than ever."

Mar. 20 2020

Tre Bicchieri 2020. Winery of the Year. Frescobaldi

A family whose long history is closely linked to that of Florence and wine: Frescobaldi. For us the winery of the year.

Oct. 31 2019

Tre Bicchieri 2020. Red of the Year. Carmignano Riserva ’16 by Piaggia

Carmignano Riserva ’16 by Piaggia: here is how the best red wine of Italy is born. Interview with Silvia Vannucci

Oct. 30 2019

Prosecco, Custoza and Special Awards. Three masterclasses during the World Tour in Tokyo

During the Gambero Rosso World Tour in Asia, Marco Sabellico (curator of Vini d'Italia guide) and Isao Miyajima (a famous food and wine journalist) gave three great masterclasses on Custoza, Prosecco Doc and Special Awards. Together with the Consortium, Lugana ...Leggi altro

Nov. 15 2018

Gambero Rosso World Tour 2018/19. Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei

Asia: the first 3 legs of the tour. The Gambero Rosso tour in Asia is in full swing, but we can already draw a first preview of the first three stages: Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei. Three great successes. 

Nov. 09 2018

Great Vertical Tastings. Piaggia

Mauro Vannucci and his daughter Silvia, in Poggio a Caiano, over the course of twenty vintages have created a classic among Tuscan reds: Piaggia, Carmignano Riserva.

Jun. 12 2017

Italian Wine 2016. Even more Italian-style

We’re closer to the end of the year, with the grape harvest almost completely archived and excellent results seen all over the peninsula. This 2016 about to end was another positive year for Italy’s wine sector.

Dec. 09 2016

Great Vertical Tastings. Paternoster: Power and Elegance in a Southern Red

A spumante exported around the world and an important, powerful, elegant and concentrated red: an expression of the South, bot h are Aglianico, and both are from Paternoster, a family of entrepreneurs who personify a typical Italian story.

Apr. 06 2016
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