The Master of Wine Andrea Lonardi leaves Angelini Wines & Estates

Mar 6 2024, 15:28
Surprisingly, the Master of Wine bids farewell to Bertani after eleven years of significant achievements. No rift: the transition is now in progress

After more than eleven years, Andrea Lonardi, recently admitted to the ranks of Master of Wine, is leaving the Verona winery Bertani of the Angelini Wine & Estates group, where he held the position of Chief Operating Officer.

Lonardi himself confirmed the news to Gambero Rosso, but he did not provide further statements about his future projects. Bertani assures us that there have been no ruptures and that the handover will take place in a spirit of good relations.

Eleven years of significant achievements

In these years of intense work at Bertani and in other companies within the group, from Fazi Battaglia and San Sisto in the Marche region to Puiatti in Friuli and the Tuscan estates of Val di Suga (Montalcino), Trerose (Montepulciano), and San Leonino, Lonardi, as the Chief Operating Officer, has been involved in production, marketing, and sales.
He has established an important working group with excellent professionals, restructured the portfolio of companies with new products, and created projects of great significance, such as the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Santa Caterina, the first pure Sangiovese (biotype Prugnolo Gentile), the restructuring of the vineyards in Montalcino at Val di Suga, enhancing the characteristics of the three different areas, and the stylistic redefinition of Valpolicella Bertani with the creation of the Le Miniere and Ognisanti crus, overseeing the stylistic refinement of Amarone and the establishment of the Library.

From agronomist to Master of Wine

Last August, Lonardi became the second Italian to obtain the title of Master of Wine, the most coveted international title for those working in the wine world. Since 2023, he has also been the Vice President of the Consorzio Vini della Valpolicella. Born in 1974, he boasts an impressive curriculum: graduated in agriculture in Bologna, he has a Master's in Management Control for agro-industrial realities from the Grande École in Montpellier, and an internship with Washington State University. This marked the beginning of his managerial career, which will undoubtedly continue in other prestigious wine realities.

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