Prosecco, Custoza and Special Awards. Three masterclasses during the World Tour in Tokyo

Nov 15 2018, 13:30 | by Marco Sabellico

During the Gambero Rosso World Tour in Asia, Marco Sabellico (curator of Vini d'Italia guide) and Isao Miyajima (a famous food and wine journalist) gave three great masterclasses on Custoza, Prosecco Doc and Special Awards. Together with the Consortium, Lugana has given a taste of 21 different wines. Here is what happened during the event.



Lugana: Timeless harmony… in Tokyo

During the Asian tour of Gambero Rosso, on October 30th the Lugana Consortium managed a space in the Tre Bicchieri event at the Grand Ballroom of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in the Japanese capital. Twenty-six wineries with their representatives, led by the director of the Consortium, Carlo Veronese, met local enthusiasts and operators offering their best labels to taste. The producers of Lugana didn't miss the opportunity to visit one of the most interesting markets for the famous Garda wine. Japanese consumers are some of the most passionate and competent in the world, and the land of the Rising Sun imports the best of world oenology. "There is great space for white wines and sparkling wines here - quoting Isao Miyajima, well-known food and wine journalist - Our cuisine complements with great wines, and Lugana is already known and appreciated by us. Making it better known means giving a positive boost to the market. It's one of the ideal whites for our gastronomy, where fish plays a fundamental role. We love stylistic minimalism and complexity in a white wine. Two qualities that Lugana has always had, like the ability to mature over time". There are already many Lugana companies imported into Japan, but forecasts see a steady growth of the market over the next few years, with ample room for growth for this wine. “We have high expectations on the Japanese market - explained Luca Formentini, president of the Consortium - The Japanese have all the characteristics to be our ideal consumer”.

Prosecco Doc: Italian genius in Tokyo

Japan is paying increasing attention to Prosecco Doc: if the estimates prove to be accurate, 2018 could see a 20% growth in this market, which with over 3 million bottles is in tenth place in the export ranking. The Consortium is investing important resources in the promotion also on this scene: On October 30th as part of the Gambero Rosso World Tour, which in recent days has touched Asia with various events, during the Tre Bicchieri 2019 at the Ritz Carlton in Tokyo has held a popular masterclass for journalists and operators to deepen knowledge of Prosecco Doc, its territory and its history. A three-part conference, managed by Marco Sabellico, curator of the Gambero Rosso Italian Wines Guide, Isao Miyajima, well-known wine writer and Tanja Barattin, specialist in Asian markets for the promotion and valorization of the denomination, who is fluent in Japanese. “Prosecco Doc producers have an extraordinary propensity to export, and have made this sparkling wine, in just a few years, the most drunk Denomination of Origin wine in the world - Tanja told us - a result that was also obtained with a policy of presence and investments on the most important world markets. We have organized events all over the world, on all continents this year. We believe very much in the potential of this market, on which we are present with numerous initiatives”. «Prosecco is delicate, fragrant, floral, can be enjoyed at any time, as an aperitif or combined with Japanese cuisine... It pairs perfectly with sushi, sashimi, tempura and many other local preparations - adds Miyajima - and also has a correct price point. It will only grow on our market”. We must be optimistic, given the excellent results of the last years and the enforcement of the new Japan-EU agreement for the elimination of customs barriers. Sparkling wines are among the most penalized products, with an excise duty of 31% which in fact tripled the price of bottles at the origin... In short, new situations are opened and... a toast to this is a must!


Custoza: a tasting in White and Gold in Tokyo

Custoza is one of the most dynamic denominations on the Italian and international markets. The growing success of this white wine in the world is supported by the qualitative growth of the product, which in recent years has achieved important recognitions everywhere, including a series of Tre Bicchieri by the Gambero Rosso Vini d'Italia guide. In one of the events of the Gambero Rosso World Tour, which touches more than 30 cities worldwide every year, a very popular masterclass showcasing the great white Venetian took place in Tokyo on October 30th during the presentation of the Tre Bicchieri 2019 and the awards of the Japanese restaurants of the Top Italian Restaurants in the World Guide. The title "white & gold" describes well the spirit of these tastings. Custoza is a white with a multifaceted personality, which can be expressed in a fragrant sapid and floral white in youth, but which contains the ingredients and the structure to age with class, acquiring elegance and complexity and a beautiful golden color. This is what Marco Sabellico, curator of Vini d'Italia, and Isao Miyajima, an oenological journalist specialized in Italian wines, illustrated - glass in hand - to fans and Japanese operators, through a studied sequence of young and mature wines of the wineries present, with much appreciated talks by the producers involved. “There are few white wines that can elegantly exceed 10 years of age- noted Miyajima - with this range of aromatic notes, this depth, this clearness of expression and at the same time with such a pleasant drinkability. A wine like this fascinates the Japanese consumer. Today's sequence proves this widely, as demonstrated by its great attitude to pair well with different gastronomic traditions, not least our traditional cuisine. And its success on this market testifies it year after year”.

by Marco Sabellico

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