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Find out more about Cortile arabo restaurant

Cortile Arabo in Marzamemi opens a Champagne bar, where you can imbibe feet in the water

A place with a unique style and a welcoming atmosphere, where you can stop and sip a good glass with a view of the sea. In Marzamemi, Cortile Arabo is an address to pin down for the summer.

Jul. 30 2021
Find out more about Nizza

Barbera from the best crus of the Asti area signed by the Nizza Docg producers

On July 1, 2014, a new Docg appeared on the Italian wine scene: Nizza, a Barbera cru. Here are the details.

Jul. 30 2021
Find out more about Elvira Bortolomiol
Find out more about raw milk cheese affinage

Malga Alta Carnia in Sauris: Affinage of raw milk cheeses as a high-altitude mission

In the small village of Sauris, at an altitude of 1,200 meters, there is one of the few companies specializing in the affinage of raw milk cheese, whose echo has also reached haute cuisine. The name is Malga Alta Carnia ...Leggi altro

Jul. 30 2021
Find out more about Hard Seltzer

What are Hard Seltzers, fizzy beverages so loved by the USA

In the United States there's already a surge in sales, in Italy they have yet to catch on. This is how Hard Seltzers, i.e. flavoured "non-beers" are made.

Jul. 29 2021
Find out more about Germany flooding

The plight of Germany’s Ahr wine growers. Here’s how to help them get back on their feet

The damage is concentrated in the western region of the Eifel range, particularly in the lush valley of the Ahr river. Here's how to help Germany's wine growers.

Jul. 29 2021

Caseificio Pugliese – Mozzarella Mia

The Cusmai family moved to the north from Puglia to ensure a tighter supply chain for their ‘pasta filata’ cheeses and to be close to the source of their main ingredient: the Bruna Alpina cows that live in the pastures ...Leggi altro

Jul. 28 2021


Brazzale, Italy’s oldest dairy producer, has been active continuously since 1784. Over more than 130 years and at least 8 generations of family, the family and their product range has diversified, from Vicenza butter (their historic mainstay) to grana padano ...Leggi altro

Jul. 28 2021

Pasta Fanelli

Once a train conductor for Italy’s state railway, since 2010 Guido Fanelli has been producing pasta using Khorasan Kamut semolina, spelt, wholewheat flour, egg, and in special, aromatized versions, both conventional and organic. Their production approach centers on locally-sourced ancient ...Leggi altro

Jul. 28 2021


Locally-sourced organic pasta The basic ingredients are Sicilian: native varieties of ancient durum wheat (Timilia, Senatore Cappelli, Margherito and Perciasacchi) all cultivated on the island by Damigella. The stone-grinding process and artisanal production techniques are also Sicilian, with slow kneading ...Leggi altro

Jul. 28 2021
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