Martha Stewart Living magazine closes, but the online empire grows. History of the American entrepreneur

She started working on Wall Street, and then pursued her true passion and found herself at the helm of a gigantic enterprise, which still makes her as happy as day one. Martha Stewart will no longer be on paper, but...

The Chefs Apprentice, the reality show for entrepreneur chefs hosted by Gordon Ramsay

The famous US TV show with Donald Trump as host now airs in the UK in a culinary version, with Ramsay at the helm as the Boss. The competitors are 12 chefs who will have to demonstrate their entrepreneurial skills.

Julia Child inspires a tv series. After the movie, The French Chef’s matrix arrives on the small screen

Inspired by the life and television career of Julia Child, Julia is the eight-episode series produced for HBO Max. In the cinema, more than a decade ago, the American cook and popularizer was made famous all over the world by...

Cooking on TV. 70 years of history from Mario Soldati to Gambero Rosso Channel

The whole history of cooking on TV from post-WWII to Masterchef, via Gambero Rosso Channel.
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