An historical Italian restaurant on Madison Avenue. Nello delivers a tratidional and refined cucina italiana in a modern and elegant setting. We recommend to start with some carciofi alla giudia (crispy fried artichokes), or a classic vitello tonnato. Among pastas, ...Leggi altro

Dec. 23 2021

L’Enoteca di Mr. Brunello

A full time sangiovese experience. This family own estaurant and wine bar offers excellent food and wines: truffles and an amazing selection of Brunello, which embraces all possible sub-areas and styles, already lend an idea of the quality. The formula ...Leggi altro

Dec. 14 2021


So much care and research! The first thought when browsing the Enomania wine list, capable of putting together an extraordinary collection, well divided by cru, transpires knowledge and love for wine. Beyond the Italian section, there is no hidden admiration ...Leggi altro

Dec. 14 2021


The era of pinot grigio is over. So, come to Babbo and enjoy one of best collection of Italian wine we've ever seen. In fact, is one fo the best articulated and most contemporary selections that we found anywhere in the ...Leggi altro

Dec. 14 2021

Ristorante Hotel Cipriani

Skilled chef Nello Cassese is the soul of one of the most refined Italian restaurants in South America. Hotel Cipriani is located inside the luxurious Copacabana Palace. Starting from the creativity behind the dishes, as well as the ingredients that, unlike ...Leggi altro

Dec. 13 2021

La Bella Napoli

Even in Athens you can eat a fine Neapolitan pizza. Here, as a matter of fact, the Neapolitan tradition guides the hand of pizza chef Marco Zenaboni. Not many seats in the restaurant, but guests can enjoy a good interpretation ...Leggi altro

Dec. 13 2021

Lucio Pizzeria Darlinghurst

For more than 20 years Lucio De Falco has associated his name with Neapolitan pizza in Sydney. Not only that, after opening his first restaurant in 2008 in the Darlinghurst neighbourhood, he relaunched in 2015 with the second pizzeria in ...Leggi altro

Dec. 13 2021

Al Taglio

Silvio Groppelli took over this lively and gourmet pizzeria in Surry Hills neighborhood. Only fine, seasonal and quality ingredients, serious work performed on flours, long leavening and a good creative vein. On the table pizzas come already cut into wedges, ...Leggi altro

Dec. 13 2021

400 Gradi

Johnny Di Francesco has brought a slice of Italian flavour to Melbourne. In fact, in his pizzerias, traditional dishes such as meatballs, fried and stuffed olives Ascolane and Amatriciana are served side by side with pizzas. The pizzas are faithful ...Leggi altro

Dec. 13 2021

Pizzeria Napulè

When Giuseppe Irollo moved to Kiev, he brought with him all his experience as a Neapolitan pizza maker, along with the Neapolitan pizza recipe. Pies are baked in a wood-burning oven, as tradition dictates, with soft and swollen rims. The ...Leggi altro

Dec. 13 2021
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