Il Vicolo

Loredana Schettino, a Tuscan with Neapolitan origins, manages the Il Vicolo restaurant together with her sons Luca and Francesco. Located in Rue Mazarine, the historic street named after the diplomat Jules Mazarin who founded the College of Four Nations, which...


Tempilenti is much more than a restaurant. It's a place where the passage of time takes second place. It's an intimate and welcoming space that allows guests to forget the busy Parisian life and enjoy genuine food. The place was...

La Manifattura

Italian name, Italian cuisine. At La Manifattura, Italian tradition finds its place through pizza and popular recipes. Meat and fish dishes sit alongside a pizza offering that includes a version with more classic Neapolitan Pizza flavors and a more elaborate...

Come a Casa

"Come a Casa". Just Like at home. The name describes the soul of the restaurant. A cozy place with a relaxed and warm atmosphere. The dishes bring back Italian flavors, due to the good ingredients used and the simple, yet tasty recipes. The...


Tasty recipes and good Italian wine...in Paris. Anna is a little corner of Italy imported to the French capital that manages to convey the essence of Italian cuisine with a modern twist. Pasta, of course, but also many different dishes...

Finally, authentic Italian cuisine in Germany! The Tradition award goes to a restaurant in Hamburg

Corrado Falco, Sicilian, has built an authentic empire of Italian taste on the seas of the North. Among gastronomy, a restaurant, and a dream cellar.

Incredible at Cibali! The Surprise of the Year for Top Italian Restaurants is in Georgia

We visited Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, and found a surprising Italian restaurant...

Fresh, approachable, and accessible. Wine list of the year is in Melbourne!

Extensive research, twenty wines by the glass, and a clear, intuitive layout. The Top Italian Restaurants guide praises Caterina Borsato's wine list

Da Vittorio never misses a beat, even abroad. New wave in Shanghai is the Emerging Restaurant of the Top Italian Restaurants

The Cerea family continues to be synonymous with excellence worldwide. Here's their latest gastronomic venture in Shanghai

Nordic Sensibility meets Italian Taste: the Dish of the Year is an insane snack

Celery, turnip, and mussel. Just three ingredients for an irresistible bite. The Dish of the Year is crafted by Valerio Serino in Copenhagen
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