History and recipe of Swedish kanelbullar (cinnamon roll)

The famous sugar and cinnamon swirl made in Sweden is the perfect treat to start the day. But how did it become popular? Here is the history.

Nowhere: the Swedish restaurant with only six tables in the middle of the forest

Six tables miles apart and scattered in a lush forest located a few kilometres from the Swedish capital: the beautiful pop up project Nowhere.

Managing a restaurant in Sweden's soft lockdown. Giancarlo Clark's experience in Stockholm

Since 1988 Mancini has been a point of reference for Italian dining in Stockholm. Sommelier Giancarlo Clark tells us how the sector is experiencing the crisis in a Sweden that apparently never stopped.

Magnus Nilsson closes his world-famous restaurant Fäviken for good

After 11 years of international success, Magnus Nilsson decided to close his restaurant Fäviken. Here's the whole story.

The natural and sparkling push of the Great north

On the one hand, Sweden, with its monopolies and a surge in sales of Italian bubbles. On the other hand, Denmark, the realm of micro-importers, where natural wines and brands (rather than denominations) are driving consumption. Nordic route for the...
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