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Street food in Singapore is an Unesco heritage. Recognition for hawker culture

The hawker centres represent Singapore’s multicultural roots, which is why UNESCO recognises the city-state’s hawker culture and street food as an Intangible Cultural Heritage Site.

Dec. 30 2020

Street food in Rome: traditional street eats

Bakers, kiosks, psnini joints: Rome guards many small places dedicated to street food, which here plunges its roots in the most ancient history. Here is a list of the must street foods of the Eternal City

Nov. 01 2020

Boulevard Market, Islington’s food market, opens in London

From vegan dishes to fresh pasta, from Sicilian cannoli to Korean recipes, here's what to taste in the new London market that is preparing to open its doors in September.

Sep. 03 2020

History of fish and chips: tidbits and the recipe for Britain’s classic street food

Iconic Britich street food, fish and chips has ancient and rather uncertain origins. History and particulars of the dish most loved by the British.

Aug. 08 2019

The top 4 best bacari in Venice

Seafood purchased at the local markets, fried foods, but also lots of cicheti (small portions comparable to Spanish tapas) enjoyed at local bacari: Venice reserves pleasant surprises for street food lovers, who can find typical local products prepared in a ...Leggi altro

Aug. 07 2019

The best international street food in Milan: 6 places to try

One of the Italian cities where international cuisine is most rooted, in Milan there is plenty of choice for lovers of exotic flavours. Here are the must-taste foreign street foods.

Aug. 07 2019

Street food in Naples: the best sandwiches

Stuffed with classic ragù or with eggplant parmigiana, with braised octopus "alla luciana" or with braciole: these are the best sandwiches in Naples and surroundings.

Jul. 09 2019

The best street food in Matera: 5 places to try

Not bread alone: in addition to the typical "cornetto", Matera offers a series of tasty and irresistible oven specialties. Here are the city's must-visit street food places.

Jun. 04 2019

Bonci comes to Chicago, Callegari opens Trapizzino in New York. Pizza italiana conquers the USA

The most popular pizzaiolo in Rome, Gabriele Bonci, is about to bring his concept of pizza beyond Italy's borders. Meanwhile, Stefano Callegari, the inventor of Trapizzino, the best known and loved Roman street food, has opened a new spot in ...Leggi altro

Mar. 12 2017

Food trends 2017: foods and dining mostly hail from the US

Identifying the New Year’s eating trends can be both a game and a serious profession. In the US, the National Restaurant Association has been creating an annotated yearly ranking for the past decade. Many of the trends spotted overseas eventually ...Leggi altro

Jan. 12 2017
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