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The best places to eat cuoppo in Naples

Perfect for eating while strolling through the streets of the centre, the cuoppo is an institution in Naples. Here's where to find the best.

World street food. Mexico: quesadillas, tamales and tacos

Delicious, comforting, substantial... simply irresistible. You can't say no to street food, and every country has its own: let's discover together the best world street food, starting with Mexican.

Sandwiches of the world: typical recipes to try

From American burgers to Cuban sandwiches, without forgetting Middle Eastern kebab or open canapés of Northern Europe: here are the international sandwiches to try at least once in your life.

Where to eat the best farinata in Liguria

A low, fragrant cake, vegan by nature and able to win everyone over: along with fugassa, farinata is the queen of Ligurian bakeries. Here's where to find the region's tastiest.

Where to eat the best olive all'ascolana in Le Marche

Stuffed and fried olives from Le Marche are like cherries: you can't stop eating them. But which are the tastiest? Here is a list of places that should not be missed.

Where to eat the best tramezzini sandwiches in Turin

Rich, suave, soft, with a perfectly moist crumb: tramezzini crustless sandwiches never tire, an ideal mid-morning snack or delicious lunch solution to break the routine. The best can be found in Turin.

British food: 3 recipes to try this week

British cuisine is underrated. From traditional street food to desserts, here are 3 recipes to try at home.

Street food from around the world. Spain: churros, bocadillos, patatas bravas

Sweet or savoury, Spanish street food knows how to conquer everyone. There are many specialties to try, from pancakes to sandwiches, but here we have gathered only three: here’s how these delicious recipes were born.

Street food from around the world. United Kingdom: Cornish pasty, fish and chips, pork pie

We all know fish and chips, but British cuisine also offers other street foods. In particular, savoury pies, to be tried at least once for a taste of authentic British gastronomy.

Street food from around the world. United States: burgers, hot dogs, bagels and grilled cheese

It is perhaps the country that has made street food one of its most famous culinary symbols. Today we're in the United States, in search of the most delicious and famous street foods.
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