Where to eat the best tramezzini sandwiches in Turin

May 9 2023, 10:54 | by Michela Becchi
Rich, suave, soft, with a perfectly moist crumb: tramezzini crustless sandwiches never tire, an ideal mid-morning snack or delicious lunch solution to break the routine. The best can be found in Turin.

Write down this address: piazza Castello, 15. This is where the tramezzini were born in 1926, rectangular sandwiches inspired by Anglo-Saxon finger sandwiches, which even had the honour of being baptized by Gabriele D'Annunzio. To commemorate the date, a plaque affixed in the small and splendid Mulassano café, where even today they are a must-taste delight, offered in a myriad of flavours. It is said that the first owners, Angela Demichelis and Onorino Nebiolo, brought a toaster press with them on their return from the United States, a great novelty at the time. Then, the ingenious idea: to use the same very soft untoasted bread and stuff it with tasty things. The name is probably inspired by the partitions of the country house, "tramezzi" indicating something to eat "in between," breakfast and lunch. In any case, Turin can boast a culture on the subject that has few equals in Italy: here's where to find the best tramezzini sandwiches there.

Best tramezzini in Turino

Trivé Time

An under 30 project that lends some of the best tramezzini sandwiches in the city. Large, shaped to create a "smile" that reveals rich and delicious gourmet fillings, classic (for example tuna, artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes) or more creative, always made with select local products.

Trivé Time – via Giovanni Amendola, 12 b - trivetime.it/

Caffè D’Acaja

Caffè D'Acaja, which became popular thanks to a TV program, proposes triangular tramezzini sandwiches, in traditional or more elaborate flavours, such as roast beef, parmigiano flakes, hazelnut mayonnaise and lettuce. The bread is soft and well moistened, rich in prime choice ingredients, including great classics such as veal with tuna sauce – always pleasant – or sausage and sweet peppers.

Caffè D’Acaja – via Principi d’Acaja, 57 - facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063601807565

Platti 1875

This splendid café, dating back to 1870 and frequented over time by many famous people, is one of those places that one must visit at least once. All the proposals are refined and well made, and the tramezzini sandwiches are no exception: patrons are spoiled for choice in terms of variety, and the (generous) fillings are homemade using fresh products.

Platti 1875 – Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 72 - platti1875.com/

Caffè Mulassano

A must visit place for food lovers is Mulassano, the café where the tramezzini sandwiches were first born and where today they are offered in about thirty variations, one more fanciful than the other. The venue is small, refined, decorated with mirrors and wood panelling, and kept the name of the founder, Amilcare Mulassano, producer of Vermouth who opened his first bottle shop on via Nizza 3, moved in 1907 to piazza Castello.

Caffè Mulassano – Piazza Castello, 15 - caffemulassano.com/

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