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Beliked. The young Friuli startup that teaches restaurants to use TripAdvisor

A controversial platform, a source of debate and often a proponent of unclear policies, TripAdvisor is actually a business opportunity for restaurants and businesses that work with tourism. A young Italian company now offers an online course to discover all ...Leggi altro

Jul. 22 2020

Bee_nfluencer, the Instagram star in defense of biodiversity

Her name is B., her Instagram profile is Bee_nfluencer features in great detail what the good practices are for bee preservation. Plus, she's a real web star.

Nov. 20 2019

Sucrez vos fraises. The Instagram account that counts sugar abuse in sugar cubes

Sucrez vos fraises is an Instagram account which shows how much sugar we eat every day. From snacks to drinks, here is the amount of sugar in our food.

Sep. 13 2019
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