Homemade coffee. 7 tips for a perfect moka (and napoletana)

The coffee prepared with a moka pot continues to be the favorite of many Italians, who also prefer it to espresso at the coffee bar. But to brew a proper beverage it's not enough to rely on tradition: we need ...Leggi altro

Mar. 26 2021

Coffee Collective, the roaster that’s taking Copenhagen by storm

To brew a fine cup of coffee one needs to study, dedication and research. In order to promote the black gold coffee culture, and instil awareness in consumers, one needs entrepreneurial mentality and a pinch of courage. Like Coffee Collective ...Leggi altro

Sep. 29 2017

Coffees – Italians do it better the first ever documentary on the opening of Starbucks in Italy

It’s now more than official: Starbucks Reserve will open in Milan, in piazza Cordusio, in 2018. The wait is fervent. What are the thoughts on this by the Italian coffee-expert community? And the expats? A documentary inquires on the US ...Leggi altro

Jun. 14 2017

Caffeine, the story of the British magazine on quality coffee

The British magazine is entirely focused on the dark beverage that’s most enjoyed around the world: coffee. Specifically, the 40K bi-monthly issues highlight quality coffee. Here is the story of Caffeine.

Jan. 31 2017

Università del Caffè illy: history and evolution of the Trieste school of coffee

Born in '99 in Naples and then relocated to Trieste, the university is still housed in the company’s HQ. Since then, over 25 branches have opened worldwide, each focussing on spreading quality coffee culture. This is the story of Università ...Leggi altro

Jan. 20 2017

Orsonero Coffee, third wave coffee in Milan

The budding Italian coffee scene is expanding, despite there being a long way to go still. Canadian Brent Jopson takes a wild gamble and opens a specialty coffee joint with modern extraction methods in Milan. 

Dec. 26 2016

New York roaster Dillon Edwards of Parlor Coffee on the Italian beverage

In Brooklyn, Parlor Coffee spells quality and innovation. The small artisan roaster is part of the wave of US specialty coffee bars. With the help of the owner we defined the differences between New York city and Italian coffee bars.

Nov. 25 2016

How to make proper coffee bar espresso in 7 key steps

How many times have we walked up to the coffee bar counter and ordered un caffè? And how many of these times have we closely paid attention to all the moves performed by the barista? What follows is a mini ...Leggi altro

Nov. 17 2016

Standart: the Slovak magazine entirely dedicated to coffee

Slovak origin, an international editorial staff based in Vienna writing articles in English, ladies and gentlemen meet Standart, 1 year-old quarterly specialized in coffee.

Nov. 04 2016

Biro e Caffè: paintings made with coffee on exhibit in Florence

A unique exhibition where the pieces on display are painted with coffee. On opening night September 9th there was also a filter coffee tasting, aperitivo and the artist’s live demonstration.

Sep. 15 2016
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