Top 10 Italian restaurants according to the readers of The Guardian, with assorted surprises

Italian food is among the world’s most rich and fascinating. The British know this well, hence the The Guardian has asked its readers to draw a ranking of Italy’s best restaurants.

Top 100 Classical & Heritage European restaurants 2017. According to OAD, there are 15 in Italy

The ranking created by Opinionated About Dining relies on the opinions of diners regarding fine dining restaurants that have been in business for at least 25 years. With France in the lead, Italy follows closely behind with 15 tables. Nadia...

Awaiting World's 50 Best Restaurants 2016 ranks 51-100: Niko Romito’s debut

The culinary year’s most awaited ceremony will be held in New York on June 13th. In the meantime, here are the names occupying the bottom half of the 100s list: Romito is in, and what about Scabin? 
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