new openings

Andrea Aprea to open restaurant and bistro at the Etruscan Museum in Milan

Andrea Aprea announces his new adventure: gastronomic restaurant and bistro at the Luigi Rovati Foundation's Etruscan Museum

L'Apres M in Marseille. How a former McDonald's was transformed into a social fast food restaurant

After the branch located in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Marseille went out of business, former employees and residents of the neighbourhood devised a solidarity dining project, centered on the principle of food sovereignty. Of the old course only...

Cookies 'n' Cream Milano: American cookie in via Paolo Sarpi

A very small shop, about 40 square meters mostly occupied by the laboratory: here's the new Cookies 'n' Cream Milano.

New in Rome, Fax Factory: specialty bar and cultural hub

It's called Fax Factory Art&Specialtycoffee, and it's located in the Pigneto neighbourhood. A new cultural hub where quality art and coffee coexist harmoniously. The latest Roman coffee project.

The Italian confectionery industry the world loves. Nutella Cafè and Venchi in New York

Before summer the Ferrero brand had guaranteed an opening by the end of 2018. A promise kept on November 14 when Nutella Cafè opened its doors in New York. 

Café Merenda in Rome. Dishes and desserts baked all day, just like Nonna would

Whether it’s breakfast and high tea or lunch and aperitivo, it’s a way to treat yourself with quality foods cooked in back. Chiara Caruso and Claudia Tiberti open in the Marconi neighborhood, catering to gluttons of all ages.

Ramen Bar Akira. From Japan to Rome conquering Europe with ramen

Rome's first ramen bar has opened as the investment and brainchild of Japanese entrepreneurs. Akira Yoshida tells us more about it. 

The Botanical Club in Milan. Spleen et Ideal gin and a second space on Tortona

Alessandro Longhin and Davide Martelli started their Milan adventure under a year ago: a micro-distillery, cocktail bar and bistro that blends quality cocktails and fine dining. Let’s take a look at the newly opened second space on via Tortona. 
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