The Italian confectionery industry the world loves. Nutella Cafè and Venchi in New York

Dec 5 2018, 10:15 | by Livia Montagnoli

Before summer the Ferrero brand had guaranteed an opening by the end of 2018. A promise kept on November 14 when Nutella Cafè opened its doors in New York. 


Ferrero lands in the USA

When a year and a half ago the format debuted in Chicago, the city has literally gone crazy: long queues at the entrance, families on pilgrimage to browse the tasty offer designed by the same minds behing the Milliennium Park Plaza space, children (and adults too) in adoration before a plate of waffles covered with hazelnut spread. Now Ferrero has doubled on the most visible gastronomic market in the United States, where in the past – when Ferrero had not yet begun its colonization, with the exception of the corners inside Eataly – there were many imitations.

The New York cafè

The Nutella-branded restaurant-bar has opened at a stone's throw from Union Square, at number 116 University Place, and will be the only authentic Nutella Cafè in the city, without excluding the more than likely idea to multiply the number of venues in the coming years. Similar visual impact, with the entrance that simulates entering in a gigantic jar of Nutella, colors and decor that constantly recall the brand.The menu is also similar, although for New York Ferrero has also studied an exclusive proposal, including a nutella gelato especially developed for the New York debut. And of course there will be bread and nutella, waffles and crepes, french toast, all customizable with ingredients and toppings chosen by the customer.

The American dream

Moreover Ferrero is not the only Italian confectionery company that has chosen to pursue the American dream: equally from Piedmont are the expansion enterprises of Venchi: in the year of its 140th anniversary (the chocolate laboratory was born in Turin in 1878), the group has firstly opened a new store in the heart of Turin, and now lands in New York with a flagship store – the first single-brand store in the city – which will also be a museum, narrating the history of Italian chocolate. Also in this case we are just a few steps from Union Square, at number 861 Broadway, where the windows showcase the entire production's variety, including chocolate bars, pralines and gelato. And a spectacular waterfall of chocolate, which is the largest in North America, as pointed out by Venchi spokespersons.

Behind the choice to open in New York are the same motivations that drive Ferrero to focus on the U.S.: the American chocolate market, where recently the great Italian groups have shown to be able to close excellent agreements, represents in value half of the global market. And a showcase in Manhattan can be an important ace up the business sleeve.

by Livia Montagnoli

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