massimo bottura

Massimo Bottura and the Refettorio in London. The chef’s tale: how it began and where it’s going

The ethical project of the Refettorio created by Massimo Bottura is about to debute in London. Here's the whole story told by the chef himself.

Massimo Bottura receives honorary degree in Business Administration. Laurea ad honorem from Università di Bologna

On February 6, 2017, in a packed auditorium, the Aula Magna Santa Lucia dell' Alma Mater at the Università di Bologna, Massimo Bottura received an honorary degree, laurea honoris causa, in Business Administration.

RefettoRio Gastromotiva. Massimo Bottura and David Hertz at the Rio Olypics

The experience of Refettorio Ambrosiano during Expo initiated a greater effort: rounding up cooks fighting against malnutrition and waste. During the Olympics this will be a new soup kitchen. Goals: 19K meals and 12 tonnes of reused leftovers.
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