Gelato Day. Guide to spotting quality gelato in 16 easy steps

Back to focusing on gelato, mainly because everyone loves it and because not enough has actually been disclosed yet. Gelato we believe can be enjoyed year round, releasing it from summer seasonal restraints. Here is how to recognize a good...

Lucciano’s in Rome. The first European debut of the gelateria born in Argentina

They left from Buenos Aires for the United States, Rome and Barcelona. This is how the great Lucciano's gelato company works, which is now also present in Italy.

The best gelaterias in Rome

Natural, additive-free, seasonal and creative: this is how today's proper artisan gelato must be. Here's where to find the best in Rome.

The 10 best gelaterias in Rome

From creams to fruit sorbets, by way of novel savoury flavours: whatever the choice, gelato is always a good idea at every hour. Here are the best in Rome.

Gelato in Milan, the 8 best gelaterie in town

Milan is well known for its aperitivo culture, its fine cuisine from appetizer to dessert. But for a mid-afternoon snack, especially when the heat becomes unbearable, there’s nothing better than a refreshing gelato. Here are the 8 best gelaterie in...

Christmas recipes. Gelato al Mont Blanc

It's time to try gelato al Mont Blanc: here's how to make it.

Anti-aging gelato made with hydrolysed collagen

“Gelato that's good, healthy and anti-aging.” This is how the new sorbet created by the gelato maker Manuele Presenti, in collaboration with nutritionist Marrico Maurelli and Naticol company that produces collagen from the skin of the fish, presents itself.

Caffè Panna in New York. Hallie Meyer’s latest gelateria, a homage to Rome and Italy

The surname is known: Hallie Meyer is the daughter of Danny Meyer, a world-famous New York restaurateur, particularly tied to Rome and Italian cuisine. And so his daughter, who after a period of training in the the Eternal City, is...

Polosud. Italian artisan gelato in New York

Summer is gelato time. Here is the story of Polosud, and Italian artisan gelateria and Sicilian coffee shop due to open soon in Little Italy, New York. 

Gelato in Naples: the 3 best gelaterias in town

[caption id="attachment_138529" align="alignnone" width=""]Gelato al lampone[/caption] In the birthplace of pizza, home of robust cuisine and realm of tasty pastry, there is also room for quality homemade gelato. The places for the best gelato in Naples are few, but solid.
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