Food Tech

Demo Day Startupbootcamp FoodTech. The future of food is in the hands of the young

Innovation and agriculture are a winning team in Italy and around the world. This is what emerged during Demo Day, the first cycle of the Startupbootcamp FoodTech, specialized in supporting young companies that are innovating in all segments of the...

Food tech: the most promising innovations for 2017

Technological innovations are dominating the food industry. Which are the most promising ones of 2017? The list is full of different names, but Amazon remains the leader of food tech in the world.

Goals of the Just Eat Ethical Restaurant: reduce waste and redistribute food

The Just Eat food delivery leading brand’s commitment to the fight against food waste. It’s done via a series of restaurants that have chosen to redistribute food surplus and transform leftovers in gourmet meals. The launch of the Just Eat...

UberEats worldwide: the rapid expansion of novel food delivery

Transportation giant delves into food delivery: UberEats appears to have set off to a great start since its inception a few months ago. Now the newly inaugurated service aims at hitting Europe and reducing costs for consumers.

Worldwide and Italy food tech: growing numbers for food and technology investments

Numbers don’t lie: 2015 saw a surge in food technology and digital tools. That same positive trend will continue in 2016. Here’s who will benefit, and what’s happening in Italy. 
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