Pasticceria Simona: the Ostia frappe bakery that opens only during Carnevale

In February Italians indulge in frappe and castagnole. On the Roman coast, in the district of Ostia, there is a small bakery that opens only during the Carnevale period to prepare traditional pastries. It's called Pasticceria Simona and this is ...Leggi altro

Feb. 07 2021

Candy. The business of sugar, between industry and craft

The technicolor universe of candy is difficult to classify and has infinite local and global variations. See who makes them and invents them in Italy.

Jan. 05 2021

Wine Travel Food – December 2020

From the best politician of 2020 to the most sought after kitchen accessory, in the latest issue of Wine Travel Food you can find all the best of 2020.

Dec. 23 2020

Food trend 2021: food, beverages and lifestyle. All the novelties of next year.

Strange products such as spreadable coffee, avocado beer and vegetable eggs will soon be on the supermarkets shelves. But 2021 will also bring a renewed interest in physical health: maybe we will choose carefully what to put in the basket.

Dec. 20 2020

Freeze dryer, what it is and how to use it in the kitchen

Dining 2.0 and the tech advancement in the kitchen: freeze-drying and its use in the kitchen.

Dec. 12 2020

Wine Travel Food – November 2020

We celebrated the Week of Italian cuisine in the world, but it's also time for Top Italian Wines Roadshow. Here are all the latest news about food and wine.

Dec. 02 2020

Week of Italian Cuisine in the World: discovering the kitchens of Italy’s historic residences

On the occasion of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the world, ADSI virtually opens the ancient kitchens of 25 historic Italian residences, to invite the Italian and foreign public to discover the places that have handed down the nation's ...Leggi altro

Nov. 24 2020

Wine travel food – July/August 2020

Did you know that there's an increasing number of successful Italian restaurants in the French capital? Find out more about this and other stories in our Wine Travel Food.

Aug. 27 2020

Borgo Mameli: new cultural space with great food in Bologna

With the idea of restoring life to forgotten spaces by creating events and cultural activity programmes, the Peacock Lab association created a new Bolognese summer courtyard, with good products and live music.

Jul. 29 2020

All about licorice: history, production and use in the kitchen

Herbal remedies, medicine, distillery, cosmetics and obviously cooking: licorice is a versatile product that never goes out of style. History and minutiae of this ancient plant.

Jul. 16 2020
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