History, tradition and typical products of French boulangeries

Crisp and buttery, French croissants are the perfect way to start the day. But there is so much more to taste in the boulangeries: here's what to buy.

Food and film. Animated films and the charm of Disney

Food represented on the silver screen always make people hungry. Including in animated films, where food is depicted in many cult scenes from the Disney world and not only: here are some of the most iconic recipes.

History and legends of American fried chicken

Today one of the symbols of American cuisine, fried chicken has actually Scottish origins. Here's the origin of America's favourite recipe.

Food-on-movie moments. The true story of French ratatouille

It became famous thanks to Pixar's 2007 computer-animated film, but the Provençal stewed vegetable recipe has much older origins. Here's how the famous ratatouille came about.

History of potato chips, from Belgian chips to packaged crisps

Created in Belgium, made famous in America, and now enjoyed everywhere: potato chips know no age or boundaries, they conquer everyone. Here's their origin.

10 dishes in films most replicated at home. Ratatouille gets the gold

A Dutch research highlights the most loved cinema-inspired dishes of all time: ratatouille served by Pixar wins, but there is also the Pulp Fiction milkshake and the Kung Fu Panda noodles.

Food Trends 2022. Trends, fashions and gastronomic crazes for the year

Increasingly less meat and more attention to the environment, but also to health: less alcohol, clean labels, technology at the service of the table. Here is what will be fashionable at the table in 2022.

Sunday roast, British Sunday lunch - history and lore

As an alternative to classic pasta casserole can be Roast beef, roasted vegetables and apple crumble. The history of British Sunday roast.

Holiday pastas, the typical Christmas shapes

Choosing the holiday menu is perhaps one of the most difficult to make for Italian gourmets, starting with pasta courses. Here are the typical traditional pastas enjoyed from North to South.

Dried figs. History of an ancient product and its production

Ancient and delicious, dried figs are a must-have fruit for Christmas. Here are a few interesting facts about this typical festive product.
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