Where to eat in Scanno. A journey through the cuisine of the Abruzzo village

In the province of L'Aquila in Abruzzo, the Valle del Sagittario is a valley that has always attracted tourists from all over for its beautiful landscapes. Among the villages bordering the valley, Scanno, the city of photographers, is a must-see ...Leggi altro

Jul. 13 2021

Cuoca Selvatica’s (wild cook) plant factsheets: how to use wild plants

Vinegar can be made from violets, sweets can be made from primroses and egg whites, and there is also a plant that can be used to light a fire. A foraging expert shares her plant knowledge for free to produce ...Leggi altro

Jul. 13 2021

Where to enjoy the best breakfasts in Bologna

Bakers, historic pastry shops, specialty cafes: there's something for everyone in Bologna. Here are the places to visit to start your day right.

Jul. 12 2021

The history of Goro’s Golden Oyster in the Po delta

The production of the very rare Golden Oyster (Ostrica d’Oro) is an excellence of Goro, a fishing port in the Po Delta Regional Park

Jul. 07 2021

History of potato chips, from Belgian chips to packaged crisps

Created in Belgium, made famous in America, and now enjoyed everywhere: potato chips know no age or boundaries, they conquer everyone. Here's their origin.

Jun. 24 2021

The true story of French ratatouille

It became famous thanks to Pixar's 2007 computer-animated film, but the Provençal stewed vegetable recipe has much older origins. Here's how the famous ratatouille came about.

Jun. 23 2021

History and legends of American fried chicken

Today one of the symbols of American cuisine, fried chicken has actually Scottish origins. Here's the origin of America's favourite recipe.

Jun. 21 2021

History, tradition and typical products of French boulangeries

Crisp and buttery, French croissants are the perfect way to start the day. But there is so much more to taste in the boulangeries: here's what to buy.

Jun. 08 2021

Sdijuno. The secret of the centennial Abruzzo peasants is their mid-morning meal

A rich snack, able to bring sustenance to men and women during hard work in the fields. History and tradition of the Abruzzo native "sdijuno," the 11 o'clock meal.

Jun. 01 2021

Zabaglione: history and curiosity

Part beverage, part dessert, in any case delicious: it's hard to say no to zabaglione, a sweet whipped egg-based cream that's perfect for the winter season. History and recipe of the hot pudding.

May. 18 2021
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