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Not just caviar. History and curiosities about sturgeon

Sturgeon is a long-lived fish, which often lives more than one hundred years. Here are a few curiosities about this fish.

Dec. 19 2020

Noma in Copenaghen. The menu Vegetable Season, dish by dish

We visited the new Noma (which has now celebrated a year) as soon as it opened, also trying to trace a sort of alphabet of Nordic cuisine. We're now presenting the current menu, Vegetable Season, dish by dish.

Oct. 10 2019

Denmark invests in fine dining. 5M Euro supporting the sector development: here’s why

With the advent – started more than a decade ago – of the New Nordic Cuisine movement, Denmark is investing more and more in the food sector. Now, it's time to fight against food waste and promote food and wine ...Leggi altro

Sep. 25 2018
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