History of fish and chips: tidbits and the recipe for Britain’s classic street food

Iconic Britich street food, fish and chips has ancient and rather uncertain origins. History and particulars of the dish most loved by the British.

Apr. 05 2021

Beef Wellington: history and recipe of an iconic dish

Today it is famous mainly thanks to Gordon Ramsey, but beef Wellington has much older origins, dating back to the nineteenth century.

Feb. 13 2021

Gin made by Queen Elizabeth II produced with herbs from Buckingham Palace

The new product, which expands the substantial merchandising line of the British Crown, is already available for online purchase, and will help to overcome the crisis due the lack of income from visits to Royal palaces. The herbs for the ...Leggi altro

Jul. 21 2020

Bettys: English tea room in Yorkshire turns 100 years old

Historic tearoom and centennial pastry company: the story of Bettys, the timeless classic of Yorkshire confectionery art.

Jul. 28 2019
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