Italian Easter traditions at the table

Lasagna, lamb and pastiera (wheatberry cake) are only a few of the classic foods Italians normally enjoy during the Easter celebrations. Here is the rest.

Pasqua and Pasquetta. 8 savoury recipes typical of the Italian Easter tradition

Colomba, chocolate eggs, pastiera: the sweet Easter recipes of Italy are many and amazing, but on Italian tables on Easter Sunday there is also a multitude of typically regional delights.

Easter eggs: 7 curious traditions from around the world

In Poland they're painted and embellished with wax, in Argentina they are prepared in a maxi version: this is how Easter eggs are around the world.

Easter breakfast in Italy: the traditional recipes

There are plenty of Italian recipes for Easter, a deeply Christian festival with a table full of sweet and savory symbolic specialties. And, among the many Italian traditions, there is the one of Sunday breakfast.

Easter in France. Gigot d’agneau, osterlammele, tourteau fromager

Lamb is the quintessential symbol of Christian Easter, a symbol of Christ's sacrifice. In France, the more traditional festive recipes, both in the sweet and savoury version, are strongly linked to this figure. Here are the three typical specialties of...

Easter in the UK: hot cross buns and simnel cake

True, it’s only two recipes and both sweet, but they plunge their roots in ancient times. Great Britain’s Easter tradition is limited but extremely tasty.

Easter in Switzerland: chocolate rabbits, osterfladen and zopf

How is Easter celebrated in Switzerland? With lots of chocolate, of course, but also with rice tarts and sweet leavened bread. Here are the typical Swiss specialties of the Easter holiday.
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