Top cocktail bars in the world

Cocktail bars with kitchen are starting to be all-round gastronomic destinations. Here's the list of the top places in the world.

Dec. 21 2020

Italian cocktail bars serve good food

Italian cocktail bars are starting to be all-round gastronomic destinations. So much so that they have become very credible for an all-encompassing meal: before, after or during your drink.

Dec. 19 2020

Alexander cocktail: a Classic, one name many recipes…

Alexander cocktail is a classic white drink (even John Lennon was a huge fan...). Here's our recipe!

Dec. 18 2020

Christmas recipes. A brief history of the Eggnog

Eggnog is any drink, hot or cold, made with eggs, milk, sugar and spirits shaken together. Here's our recipe!

Dec. 04 2020

Three cocktails made with Elephant Gin

The mixology bug has elected gin as one of the world’s trendiest spirits, Italy included. Here are three recipes designed for you by barlady Katerina Logvinova.

Aug. 24 2016

Ch1887 opens in Rome. A cocktail bar in the traditional Checchino restaurant

Cucina romana and cocktails? Who would have thought. Yet mixology and the Eternal City’s classic dishes, bold flavors and fatty elements go very well together. The home of quinto quarto in Rome surprises everyone and opens a cocktail bar.

May. 27 2016
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