A book explains how to use tarot cards in the kitchen to capture the right energies

They call themselves kitchen witches, and indeed these two US authors have invented a fun new way to be in the kitchen. With a bit of irony, this cookbook can become a spiritual guide for food enthusiasts.

Filipino-American Cuisine: The Story of Abi Balingit, Blogger, Pastry Chef, and Author

It is the result of culinary "cross pollination", full of flavours and aromas to be discovered. A young pastry chef took care of making Filipino cuisine known in America, with her blog and now also a book of desserts that...

7 books on veganism to read during Veganuary

Since 2014, the Veganuary initiative that invites people to refuse animal products for the entire month of January has gathered a growing number of followers. Here are some books to add to your library to understand vegan nutrition.

The enchanted kitchen. Recipes inspired by Hayao Miyazaki's films

As an undisputed master who has bewitched audiences of all ages, Hayao Miyazaki has fascinated adults and children alike with the many dishes depicted in his films. A book explains the relationship between cinema and gastronomy in his works.

Gastronativism: how food is an instrument of political ideology. The book by Fabio Parasecoli

The Pope's halal lasagna, the scandal of Japanese dumplings produced in China, and Turkish hazelnuts in the famous Italian spread. Is food being used as a political tool? The latest book by Fabio Parasecoli explains how.

6 books on veganism to read this summer

To get closer to anti-speciesism, it may be useful to read some books on the topic: here are the ones we selected to understand more about veganism.

Modernist Pizza: the great book on pizza released in Italian

Considered by many as the "Bible of pizza," Modernist Pizza is a three-volume collection that tells history, evolution, anecdotes, styles, experiments and recipes of the most loved dish ever. We interviewed one of the authors to find out more.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee recipe book: embassy dishes

70 embassy recipes to discover British cuisine, but especially the art of diplomacy at the table. Anecdotes, stories, products approved by the Royal Family: here is the official cookbook of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Books. Iconiche similitudini by Matteo Baronetto

Not a cooking manual but rather an art book, which opens with the aesthetic similarity of some products to finding their gustatory assonance. Matteo Baronetto is the author

Entangled Life. The book that explains how fungi regulate life on Earth

How much do fungi influence our life but above all our future? It's from this question that biologist and author Merlin Sheldrake started to explain the hidden connections in the ecosystem.
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