Filipino-American Cuisine: The Story of Abi Balingit, Blogger, Pastry Chef, and Author

It is the result of culinary "cross pollination", full of flavours and aromas to be discovered. A young pastry chef took care of making Filipino cuisine known in America, with her blog and now also a book of desserts that...

Vegan baking: 3 dessert recipes to try this Veganuary

From breakfast pancakes tothe perfect shortcrust pastry, here are three recipes to make delicious vegan desserts at home.

Leftover egg whites: 3 recipes to use them

From Angel cake to meringue, there are lots of recipes to try if you have leftover egg whites. Here are three ideas.

Instant yeast substitutes for cakes and savory baked goods

Not just Brewer's yeast: even instant yeast for cakes and plum cakes is becoming scarce. But don't worry: you can replace it with simple baking soda and lemon (and in at least 4 other ways).
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