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Top Italian Restaurants in Madrid

The Italians in Madrid love tradition, trattorias, simple, cooked-to-order food. It’s difficult to find Italian restaurants that take risks or create, but this doesn’t have to equal dull flavors or mopey dishes. Mahler warned: “Tradition means cherishing the fire, not adoring the ashes.”



NAP Neapolitan Authentic Pizza

In the Vavapiées barrio, steps away from the Mercado Antòn Martin a fine Neapolitan pizza can be enjoyed at NAP, which stands for Neapolitan Authentic...
€ 20.0

Mercato Ballarò

Sicily in the name reminiscent of the Palermo destination, in the menu and in the kitchen. Dishes include pasta alla Norma, made with 4 kinds...
€ 30.0

Matteo Cucina Italiana

Within the Mercado de La Paz in the Salalamanca district is the brainchild of Matteo De Filippo and wife Chiara Guberti. The nephew of playwright...
€ 20.0
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