Mercato Ballarò

Average Price: € 30  

Sicily in the name reminiscent of the Palermo destination, in the menu and in the kitchen. Dishes include pasta alla Norma, made with 4 kinds of tomato, fried eggplant and ricotta salata on top; or tagliatelle with Mediterranean prawns, courgettes and pistachio; wild fish couscous fish and seafood soup. The menu varies often, and Angelo Marino offers expressly cooked seafood and homemade pasta, such as assorted ravioli, which are always on point. The venue is on two levels, Mercato Abajo and Mercato Arriba. The latter offers a more complex and refined cuisine. Meals end, obviously, with sublime Sicilian cannoli filled with ricotta. Terrace seating in the warmer months requires paying a supplement.

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