Previews Tre Bicchieri: the best wines of Basilicata.

Oct 8 2022, 10:57 | by Gambero Rosso
Previews of the awards of the wine tasting by Gambero Rosso's Vini d'Italia 2023 guide. Here are the best wines from Basilicata.

Basilicata: the hidden gem of Italy's wine world

We'd like to say many things about Basilicata, one of Italy's most beautiful and welcoming regions. Those who, like us, have been going there for decades are well aware of the aromas and flavors of its wines, are well acquainted with its gastronomic treasures, its artistic patrimony and landscapes. The fact is that the general public doesn't perceive all this value, and Basilicata and its wines are a sort of hidden gem. Perhaps part of the responsibility lies with the wineries themselves, which haven't been able to implement sufficient communication strategies to reverse course. In the long run, this means that Aglianico del Vulture and its brothers aren't as widespread as they deserve to be at a national and international level.

This year's tastings saw a chiaroscuro portrait of regional enology. Vulture's best producers are also among the few who've invested resources in communication and have enjoyed strong commercial success in return. The phenomenon of young, dynamic wineries that are experiencing dizzying growth in various parts of the peninsula hasn't yet lifted the masses of local producers, who are content with the spaces that they've conquered over the years. It's a shame because here there are all the ingredients necessary for a great success: traditional, prestigious grapes, like aglianico and primitivo, unique cities of art like Matera, pristine and unique natural landscapes just waiting to be discovered.

The Tre Bicchieri 2023 of Basilicata

The wines awarded this year are from producers who are among the most authoritative interpreters of Aglianico del Vulture: Donato D'Angelo, Cantine del Notaio, Terra dei Re, Re Manfredi and Elena Fucci. Nihil sub sole novi, one might say. But the figure to underline here is that 18 other wines (in addition to those mentioned) also made it to our final round of tastings and competed for our highest score—they are the "Due Bicchieri" marked in red in the guide. That's not a small number, especially when compared to the number of wineries evaluated. Once again it's a sign that the potential for great success is there, waiting just around the corner.

Tre Bicchieri 2023. The best wines of Basilicata


Aglianico del Vulture Calice 2020

Donato D'Angelo di Filomena Ruppi

Aglianico del Vulture Re Manfredi 2019

Re Manfredi - Cantina Terre degli Svevi

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